Well, this has been the year. What a way to kick off the new decade!

2020 has been a year like no other. The coronacoaster led to illness, deaths, business failures, job losses, spiraling mental health issues, infighting, arguments, lies, separation, divorces, panic buying, and a whole host of conspiracy theories.

Which the conspiracy theories were – or are – of course, depends on which side of the fence you’re most comfortable on… but that’s not what we’re focusing on this week.

Nope. This time, I want to focus on encouraging us to lead better lives as we move towards the end of this year and into the next one.

Every year, in early December, I put out this same list of tips for making the most of the year ahead, and this year’s no different.

Arguably, this year, it’s even more important than ever!

To put this in context, as each new year approaches, there’s always an overload of saccharine messages.

They appear in our feeds and clutter our inboxes… and they’re always the same flashing gifs and sickly, sugary images of cute teddy bears and popping cartoon champagne bottles, or chain letters telling us to hug our loved ones, aren’t they?

Yes, we all need to love each other a little bit more.

Yes, we all need to make that change, realize how amazing we are, and pledge never to go to sleep on an argument.

Yes, we all want 2021 to be the best year ever. Blah, blah, blah.

For the year ahead – especially in the wake of such a shitstorm – let’s get real.

What do you *really* want to change/do/achieve?

How do you want to feel when you wake up every morning? What do you need to do to make that happen?

What do you want to do instead of that job you hate? How can you create that scenario?

If you’ve lost your job this year, what do you want to do with your life next year? Do you want a new job or to start your own business? What do you need to do to build that success?

Where do you really want to be five years from now? How can you reverse engineer that?

It’s time to stop moaning and start owning.

It’s time to claim your space in the world and live it as real, as authentically, as joyfully as you can, whatever’s going on with pandemics and politics.

It’s time to turn down your beige and turn up your colors.

Stop dulling your shine to fit in.

Stop living purely to please others and start pleasing yourself a little more.

Rock that boat some if you need to.


Let the world beware!

As promised, here are my Top Ten Tips for living your best life next year. They’re the same tips I put out every year, and I’ll keep on sharing ‘em until we no longer need the message!

I reckon that the first one’s really important – that’s why the other nine all refer back to it.

So, here we go, Taz’s Top Ten Tips For 2021. And in 2022. And in 2023. And beyond.

1) Don’t be a muppet.

2) Be kind to others (see point 1).

3) If there’s something you really want to see/get/do, take on the responsibility to make it happen instead of complaining about it (see point 1).

4) If you’re in business, be interested in people and build relationships instead of just pushing hard sell messages (see point 1).

5) Value yourself, love yourself a bit more, and learn to help others without being a doormat OR expecting something in return (see point 1).

6) Love what you do or do something else (see point 1).

7) Be grateful for all the goodness you DO have instead of complaining about all the stuff you don’t (see point 1).

8) Sometimes you’ll experience the odd day that feels shit. This is just part of life. Take the duvet day if you need it, then do something to change your mood. It’s up to you to do this. Blaming external factors won’t help (see point 1).

9) If you keep on calling your actual dream a pipe dream, that’s exactly what it will be. (See point 1). 😉

10) Stop saying you want to be the new Tony Robbins/Oprah Winfrey/Richard Branson/insert hero/guru here. Take INSPIRATION from them, sure, but stop wanting to BE them. Work on being the best version of yourself instead; you have your own unique skills and qualities to share with the world – and anyway, everyone else is already taken (see point 1).

That’s it. Have an amazing 2022 – make the absolute most of it, whatever life throws your way.

Until next time,