Let’s get one thing straight right away. George Floyd didn’t die because of the “systemic racism” of the police in America. George Floyd died because he made poor choices in his life, including ingesting a dangerous combination of illegal drugs which ultimately resulted in his death.

Jacob Blake wasn’t shot by the police because of “systemic racism” in America. Jacob Blake was shot because he also made poor choices in his life, including committing sexual assaults and domestic violence, and refusing to obey the lawful commands of a police officer.  

He was shot because he placed a police officer in fear of his life, resulting in the officer using deadly force in self-defense. Something all police officers are entitled to do, so that they can go home to their loved ones at the end of their shift.

There are literally millions of interactions and encounters between police officers and citizens every year, with the overwhelming vast majority of them positive in nature. Few of these encounters ever result in the use of any force at all being used by the police, much less deadly force.

The statistics bear out that police officers using deadly force against any person, much less a black American is a rarity. And the simple answer to preventing the use of deadly force by the police is for people to obey the lawful commands of the police during an encounter.

The plain truth is that police using deadly force simply doesn’t occur in the numbers that are being claimed. Most police officers go through their entire career never having to discharge their weapons at another human being. Real life isn’t how it’s portrayed in Hollywood ‘cop shows’ and movies. Dirty Harry is a fictional character.

Police officers, as with the overwhelming vast majority of all Americans long ago put the nation’s racist past behind them. Are there still racist individuals in America? Certainly, always have been and always will be. One can’t always change what’s in another person’s heart. But true racists are also a rarity.

For politicians like Joe Biden and others from his party to declare that “systemic racism” still exists in America is a baseless lie. A despicable political ploy used to try to stir up animosity between races for nothing more than hopefully creating a political advantage for the Socialist Democrats.

Fortunately, more and more black Americans are coming to the conclusion that the decades of faith they have put in the Socialist Democrat Party has resulted in little benefit for them as a community. Lots of empty promises that are made by politicians who have remained in Washington for decades and never produced a damn thing positive for black Americans.

More and more are abandoning the ‘party of nothing’ – the Socialist Democrats – for the promise of real change that President Donald Trump has promised, and has actually delivered to improve the lives of black Americans.

The Socialist Democrats will continue to push the false narrative of “systemic racism” in America because they have nothing else to offer the black community. They put a black man (with a lot of white votes) into the White House for eight years and did life change for them for the better? The record certainly doesn’t show that it did. Barack Obama’s eight years in office was a dismal failure which produced nothing but creating racial animosities.

And his presidency wasn’t really about doing anything for the black community anyway. You see, his time in office wasn’t about making life better for black Americans or for any American for that matter, it was only about stroking his own massive ego.

The simple fact is that the systemic racism claimed by Barack Obama and the Socialist Democrats is a myth, a lie, a false narrative perpetuated by a political party that is bereft of any other message to offer.