There is a China Virus ‘down-turn’ coming because people are fed up with isolation, media lies, phony computer models and living in controlled fear. I accept the China virus to be real, maybe, but the panic that accompanies it is media driven so Democrat grifters, and fraudsters (Pelosi and Schumer) have enough time to finish looting the treasury before Americans catch on.

The big question remains, is fighting the virus, as we are now doing through fear and intimidation, worth the destruction of America’s economic miracle by throwing the lives of hundreds of millions out of work of while disrupting the world’s economic and financial system? 

To throw Americans onto the unemployment lines and keep them there because Democrats refuse to provide the finances to maintain small business payrolls, is a travesty! Disrupting the world’s economic and financial system, as Trump has done with the Chinese, is a necessity, if only to get China out of the equation. But, things are seldom as they seem. 

The hand of the One World Government crowd is visible as the UN’s Agenda 21 scheme or its successor, is hovering on the horizon of bad ideas. Sustainable Development through “science,” meaning our Technocrat “betters” again, is the formula being trotted out to convince us that Trump’s “Make America Great Again” nationalism is a backward idea that survives on the patina of older times when countries could/would easily war against each other, set restrictive tariffs and try to control the avenues of supply to meet demands. The One World Order wants a “deep transformation” of the entire global economic system, exactly what China is attempting to do.

Dr. Neil Ferguson, a technocrat and “Expert” epidemiologist and mathematical biologist from London’s Imperial College, (think a ‘modeler), has been trotted out to hype the COVID-19 business as a dangerous worldwide pandemic not to be ignored. London Imperial College is complicit in advancing the UN’s Sustainable Development schemes, dedicated to social causes over academics. What’s scary is that governments around the world, especially the WHO, have his ear! 

London Imperial is noted for its alarmist research supporting the dangers of climate change, the need for carbon reduction, and all the other horrible things we are doing to our earth. But, their falsified climate data, inaccurate reports, silly world conferences like the Paris Accord, their bullying of critics using a global youth movement to shame political leaders into taking action they want, has illuminated any arguments they put forward on the COVID-19 Virus, as nonsense. Nobody believes ’em any more because of their past history of “cooking the books.” Their Global warming meme is an exhausted screed that the sane world is ignoring.

Imperial College’s stated objectives are all environmental causes where fear can be generated, specifically Epidemics, shortages of natural resources and environmental crises. Imperial College has in effect, transformed traditional education into social activism, a brand of Marxism!

Global alarmists have tried to stampede the world into the UN’s Sustainable Development scheme but none of their tactics have worked.

Now comes the COVID-19 from China as a gift providing them another attempt to accomplish what the New World Order hasn’t yet achieved, panicking us into destroying ourselves.

The COVID-19 won’t either.

For the globalists, Dr. Anthony Fauci is their agent of panic. He maintains close ties to the WHO. What could possibly go wrong? It is time to assess our experts and then, get the hell out of Dodge. Don’t ya think?

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now go get ’em!