The Top Stories: Supreme Court blocks citizenship question; Speaker Pelosi bows to McConnell on border aid bill; Supreme Justices say ‘Partisan Gerrymandering is None of our Business’; the Democrat Debates begin; and Twitter says it will start labeling tweets from influential government officials who break the rules. Michael Johns is the National Co-founder and leader of the Tea Party Movement, former White House Speechwriter and a Policy Analyst with The Heritage Foundation. Ava Armstrong is a Political Commentator, Radio Personality and an outstanding Author who writes about America’s heroes.

G20 Highlights: President Trump met with President Xi of China in bilateral discussions primarily focused on trade agreements, the highlights were: United States and China will resume trade discussions at the point they left off. Trump will not place additional tariffs on $345 billion worth of Chinese goods as long as negotiations are in process. Trump confirms US companies can continue to sell to Huawei during G20 press conference. Trump tells Vladimir Putin not to ‘meddle in the election,’ after being prompted by a journalist. Captain Stu Cvrk is a retired naval officer, a defense contractor, and contributor on America Out Loud. Dennis Santiago is an American Strategist, Philosopher and Patriot, and a contributor on America Out Loud.

America’s Survival Guide: Why has PATRIOTISM become so political today? There is an overwhelming evidence of ignorance of American history and the founding principles, who is responsible for this? In Judge Warren’s book he talks about America, survival, his book, America’s Survival Guide,  focuses on principles, starting with the founding fathers and their thought process behind the foundation of the United States, a rather philosophical examination of the rationale that went into formulating this great country. Judge Michael Warren, American Patriot; Judge of the Year 2018; Author of America’s Survival Guide.

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