As mortal beings we are witness in this lifetime to the radical pandemonium of mans transgressions through acts of wars, plagues, diseases, locusts earthquakes, famine, and the evidence of moral decay as God’s people and kingdom are being systemically destroyed.

There’s an epidemic of greed, materialism, narcissism, and down right deterioration of the laws of man, the ten commandments, even the establishment brick and mortar church has become separated by the weaponization of political propagandas driven by deadly sin and lost in a world of Sodom and Gomorrah.

We are experiencing spiritual warfare, good vs evil as nations are infected and afflicted by a hopelessness and the believers in Jesus Christ question these trepidations, wondering if we are in seed and in deed, living through the last days as mentioned in the Bible’s book of Revelations.

As a worldly society, filled with diverse spiritual ideologies, we are all dictated by our belief systems, this is where our passion meets purpose, giving our lives meaning and validity, we take comfort in the spiritual bond as we pray and worship our God, so when the blessing of the supernatural presents itself to mortal man, we marvel at the wonder of it all and our faith is restored and solidified in a peace as suddenly the obstacles we face become lightened through these miracle moments.

There’s an uplifting story that is exactly one of these miracle moments in time, this story is shared by word of mouth through the believers in Jesus Christ, the son of God the Father and Creator, chances are, you won’t hear about his through the local news or media, you may not even believe these facts and accounts are real but for the God fearing believers and nonbelievers alike know, you will one day at the end of your life stand before the Creator and atone for your own soul.

You won’t hear about this story on the local news or media, and you may not even believe these accounts even happened, but for the God fearing faith believers, even non-believers because this eye witness account is for all God’s children, his word as promised in the Bible concerns all people of the world, for he knew who we were and what we could do before he made you.

Jerry Pierce and Johnny Taylor of Dalton Georgia have embarked on a mystical mission which started back in January 2017, just two common men of God who have been blessed through their newly evolved spiritual journey.

Their adventures through the hand of God, found them ordained by a higher order as the caretakers, witnesses and messengers of one miracle after another and platformed them as the embodiment of the common man experiencing uncommon acts of God through the supernatural manifestation playing out in real time with real people in the physical world.

So how did this happen and what do you mean they are witnesses to many miracles, and isn’t this just something you read in a book or watch on a movie?

Supernatural experiences are the revelations of the Unexplainable, a God thing that inspired and proves to mortal man that the son of God is real and is expressed through physical manifestations.

Their story begins in the northern Atlanta town of Dalton Georgia. Each week for about two years, a small group of about seven Christian believers would gather together in a local coffee shop on W. Gordon Street to minister to one another and pray over the twenty year old Bible belonging to Jerry Pierce.

Days following the last prayer meeting, Jerry reached for his Bible sitting on the night stand and noticed there were the remnants of a liquid on the pages, thinking his grandbaby who was visiting, had accidentally spilled something on the pages, this wasn’t the case as he and his wife noticed a mysterious feel to the liquid, it was some form of an oil, but how did the oil find it’s way onto the Bible?

The next day, Jerry put his sacred book in a Ziploc bag and off he went to visit the home of his brother in Christ, Johnny Taylor and his wife to show them the unexplainable phenomenon taking place within the Bible.

Soon after the realization that indeed this phenomenon had them all mystified, they contacted another friend who knew a local chemist and asked him to examine the oil.

Upon the reports conclusion of the mysterious oil were words reading “it is not manufactured and it has other elements not contained in mineral oil, the chemical makeup is something that has never been determined or manufactured by man, it’s unexplainable.”

If this were not enough of a testimony through supernatural manifestation, Johnny and Jerry investigated the Bible’s oil flow and saw that it had spread from the old testament to the new testament starting at Psalms 39, working it’s way through Psalms 63, and from Revelations to the back of the Bible, when it hit the Concordance and the map of Middle East and Israel, the oil stopped forming a heart shape, this is itself is incredible, yet, was this a symbolic message showing that the Lord loves Israel?

Within two to two and a half weeks they noticed the Bible was covered in oil so they openly stored the holy book in a see through plastic container, during the past three years of this blessing, the Bible has produced three hundred gallons of oil, which they put in small vials and provide to all who hunger for the blessing of miracles in their lives.

To date and as unbelievable as this sounds, this Bible has been saturated in Oil for 3 years now, and the other miracle is that none of the pages are loose, everything is in place, even the pen and markers used in the book have not faded or fizzled away, they are still in tact.

The ministry has given out about three hundred thousand vials to the public free of charge as the men were directed through prayer never charge for the oil but to give it away, and as long as they gave the oil away freely to all seeking it’s use, it would continue to create miracles in the lives of believers and replenish itself.

Johnny Taylor asked Jesus through prayer what God’s purpose of this oil meant and his words read as follows: “man can only represent God, I manifest who I am and what I do, the Bible and this oil is a physical manifestation of everything you think is impossible, It’s a manifestation of everything you say is unbelievable, It’s a manifestation of every prayer for every person that you’ve ever given up on, all I want is if you believe that’s me doing this, nothing’s unbelievable and I haven’t given up on a single person and a single prayer ever prayed.”

On 4/29/2017 at 01:13pm the summary of analysis on the mysterious oil was complete, it’s findings read “I have attached the laboratory results within the email, when I had the oil analyzed just because of my curious elements that we know of is that this is a mineral oil.” Specifically, the highest match is Mineral oil at a match rating of 94.34. Because of the instrumentation it’s pure clear appearance, but not the odor, it is not manufactured & it has other elements not contained in mineral oil, the bottom line is it is unexplainable; it’s like trying to explain a situation like this: a plane of 200 people crashes to the ground & only 1 person lives. Why? What are the astronomical percentages in order for that 1 person to live? That is the best they could come up with, it’s like the Lord Himself, pure, weighty & unexplainable but His existence is undeniable.”

To add more measure and synergy to this story, this Bible belt book store, where the Prayer Warriors meet, also reflects the remnants of oil drops trickling from the walls of the prayer warriors den.

It’s a phenomenon that mortal man cannot explain because it is the physical manifestation of the supernatural, a holy trinity of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, what better time and place to show the common mortal man proof of the Messiahs existence?

Through their ministry, these two men have witnessed many astonishing and unexplainable physical miracles themselves through the lives of those they pray over all who visit them in the different churches and meeting events.

Through the maze of miracle stories they share two of the following; a woman who’s twenty month old grandbaby had severely burned his hand on the stove and the emergency room doctor told the woman it would take multiple surgery’s and the child’s hand would never be normal again, the woman who believed in the miracles of Jesus Christ took the baby to the church and saturated the child’s wounds that were bandaged into the oil, that sat upon the alter at a church Johnny and Jerry had visited, upon returning to the doctors office the following day, the doctor and patient removed the bandages to check the child’s wounds and marveled at the miracle that the child’s hand had showed no signs of burns.

Another account recognized was the event that Johnny and Jerry were visiting a church to pray over it’s congregation and bless them with the oil, there in the lobby stood a woman drinking coffee, the woman could not hear out of both ears, as the container of holy oil made it’s way to the church sanctuary passing by the woman, both of her ears popped and she could hear again, the woman had originally been scheduled for surgery later that very week.

These stories are actual accounts of supernatural miracles working in the lives of believers in Jesus, let it be known that God is the supernatural healer of all things, the oil is only a tool that the Lord uses to show the physical manifestation and the physical human experience of the hand of God, his presence is alive at all times and our prayers are heard and carried through not in mans time and expectations but on a higher realm.

Just because you may never have experienced anything like this in your lifetime, doesn’t mean you never will. Keep the faith, for life itself is a miracle and gift from God.

Luke 18:27 verse 27: Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

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