Summit Countdown, Jobs Report, Police Killings Rise – The Fullerton Hotel Singapore on June 12 is the locale and date for the Summit to World Peace; or at least that is the grand plan. The questions are many and the journey may still get bumpy on the road to peace. Great jobs report, firing on all cylinders–YET the media and critics still find fault. Another police officer was shot while sitting in his cruiser this week this time in Tennessee; how do we stop this? A former Nashville, Tenn. police officer says it is a “sign of the times” and that the media has made it “fashionable” to oppose police. Dennis Santiago, Lt Randy Sutton and Jim McCay lead the conversation with our top news stories. 

The Game in Washington Has Changed – As usual, each side digs in, the attacks against Pres. Trump increases by the media and by the Democratic party. There seems to be no room for discussion, compromise, or agreement on any topic. Why are politicians deadlocked in this stream of hatred? This is not benefiting the country. Is it more important for one side or the other to “win” — at what cost? Remember the Obama Czars that were put in place at record numbers, where are they now? What about Trump Czars? Ilana Freedman, Col Jim Waurishuk and Ava Armstrong analyze the ‘deep state’ and the relevancy of appointing Czars.

Everyone’s Talking but No One Is Listening – The week started off with Roseanne Barr making racial remarks on twitter and fired within hours. A few days later Samantha Bee a talk show host makes terribly insulting remarks about Ivanka Trump, with no obvious repercussions. Every night of the week major network programs attack Pres. Trump, not only on policy but on in the most personal way, using foul and derogatory language sometimes of a graphic sexual nature. Why is this suddenly acceptable? Is this the new normal? Sally Fernandez, Ava Armstrong and Ilana Freedman bring a most interesting talk to the forefront without even being rude!


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