Suicide, Addiction & Depression... the Impact to Law Enforcement

LAW ENFORCEMENT SUICIDE, ADDICTION, DOMESTIC VIOLENCE, and DEPRESSION are often the byproducts of a career in policing. They may be symptoms of the greater issue of POST TRAUMATIC STRESS INJURY! But there IS help and there ARE answers and those who are touched by these issues do not have to walk the path alone.

BLUE LIVES RADIO, THE VOICED OF AMERICAN LAW ENFORCEMENT is dedicated to bringing these issues out of the shadows and doing all that we can to ease the burden of those first responders who are experiencing “the pain of caring”.

You see it is those who care the most about their job and families that all too often fall prey to Post Traumatic Stress Injury. Host Lt. Randy Sutton interviews the founder of UNDERTHESHIELD.ORG Susan Simons who offers real world assistance to those in need. Also in this segment, Randy takes on spineless politicians in Portland for failing to back their cops.

Susan Simons

Susan Simons, President/Founder of Under The Shield. Simmons is an internationally recognized Expert in the specialized field of Stress Management in public safety/emergency services and military. She provides training seminars and programs focusing on stress management, critical incident response/reactions and the impact of this “lifestyle” on the family.

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