Suffering From Burnout? Struggling To Find Your Purpose? 2

Are you one of those people who thrive on the next adrenaline rush? Do you thrive on going from one exciting thing to the next? Do you love to stay busy, have to always have something to do, are addicted to Starbucks coffee, and can’t seem to slow down and relax any? If this is you then you may be suffering from adrenal fatigue and are mistaking the energy you get from the excitement for the real energy your body is capable of having.

“Most people mistake excitement for energy…Energy is energy, excitement is a heightened state which can burn out your natural reserves.” Jenna Smith

Something happens to us when we burn the candle at both ends- we ‘wear down’ our stress response organ called the adrenal glands and this can cause a lot of fatigue among other things. Fatigue that doesn’t go away even with a good night’s sleep and can interfere with our sleep. Stress prompts our adrenal glands to produce hormones called cortisol and adrenaline. When they are stressed too much they become dysregulated and this affects our response to stress and the adrenal’s ability to produce and regulate other hormones. This can cause a whole host of symptoms and problems that can greatly interfere with our life.

We need to understand that the physical implications of living from one stressful event to the next can adversely affect our health and our life. “You process emotions through your body, not through your thinking. Why most people think that they process something is that they thought about it, but they haven’t actually felt it through.”  Jenna Smith

Jenna-turq-headshotJenna Smith is an Ontological Coach and Shamanic Intuitive.  Jenna has had great success working with clients in all areas of their lives including relationships, career, confidence, health, and life purpose. She guides her clients through the complicated areas of life and helps make them simple. As Jenna explains: “Most people shove everything into this place inside of them and they kinda lock it down and keep it there so that when they do access their feelings it’s an overwhelming experience because they’re accessing years and years and layers and layers it’s because that’s all they knew.”

“We haven’t actually been taught how to feel a feeling to completion. It’s a lack of education as to how to feel feelings to completion.” Jenna Smith

“Once you start processing feelings they are processed. It isn’t this big conglomeration of everything there’s the present moment and you can process it. There is a clearing phase that people go through once they start to access their body and their heart center and start to feel these things to completion.”  Jenna Smith

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