Storming The Castle Quietly

Walls are there for a reason. I know, I have built quite a collection with some serious blood, sweat and tears. What’s interesting to me, is that I seem to have included doors in all of them. There will be some doors, of course, which are harder to find than others. Maybe, these are only intended to be opened by a chosen few.
I face walls in others every day. Some are constructed as tripping hazards, to ensure intent. Many are formed to keep others who would judge them at bay. Most are forged thru dogged determination and constructed for survival.
When someone makes an effort to look for the Me behind, it can feel like an affirmation of existence. Because of this feeling, I am constantly on the search for ways to get through to others. Big wall or small, I am always looking for the door. It’s not the obstacle for me you see, it’s the challenge.

Photo location Ross Castle, Co.Kerry, Killarney, Ireland
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©Copyright Joy M. Kleid “Storming The Castle Quietly”