Some days it feels as though the world is about to stop turning.

Or, worse, that it won’t stop turning at all and I’ll be stuck here – everyone busying about with their lives while mine feels as though it’s hanging over a black hole and waiting for the rope to snap.

I know. It’s not the kind of statement you expect from me, is it? I’m all pink and bouncy and positive and big on encouraging you all to #UnleashYourAwesome. 

Well, here’s the thing – and it’s something my fellow ‘coaches’ (inverted commas deliberate) sometimes get upset with me for saying – we ALL have bad days. Even those people who appear to be relentlessly positive on Fakebook. 

We’re not robots. We shouldn’t pretend to be happy 24/7 – it only creates an impossible dream and leaves people feeling inadequate and even more depressed when they can’t reach that perfect state of round-the-clock bliss. I wish more of my fellow ‘coaches’ would inject a bit more honesty and realism into the content they churn out – for the record, it doesn’t take you ‘off brand’, it makes you appear more real, approachable and less of an asshat. 

Every one of us, from time to time, hits a mood slump. Maybe unexpected worries hit, maybe illness – for us or our loved ones; maybe we have a cashflow crisis; maybe our hormones are pinging all over the place and creating chaos; or maybe, just maybe, we just feel sad and have no idea why.


Everyone includes ME. 

Sometimes it’s okay to not be okay. And (warning: brain melt statement coming!) when we’re not okay, it’s still okay.

Think about that last line for a moment: when we’re not okay, it’s still okay. 

Well, it is, isn’t it? 

Everyone reading this has a 100% success rate at surviving tough times. Think of the worst situation you’ve ever lived through… you’re still here. It’s okay. 

Like it or lump it, the world DOES still keep turning and everyone still carries on, even if we’re in the depths of despair. 

We are tiny cogs in a massive machine and, though I absolutely believe we’re all here for a reason and every one of us cogs is necessary, during our time here, for the machine to work at optimum performance, it’ll still keep ticking along if our little cog slows down for a while.


If we’re just tiny cogs, are we really important? Do we really need to hang in there? 

Yes, absolutely. 

I look at it this way: imagine a watch – a beautiful, old-style watch, none of this digital nonsense. If you peer into the mechanism of that watch, find the tiniest cog and remove it, that watch will stop working. 

The watch is the world. We’re each of us needed. We need to plant our feet, recognise we’re here for something (even if you don’t know what that is yet) and ride out the storm. 


Years ago, before I had a handle on the workings of the world or understood the energy and spirit of things, I didn’t really recognise the difference between needing to hit the pause button and wanting to take a permanent vacation.

When I hit those massive downers – despite the prescribed anti-depressants that used to rattle around my system – I thought my only real option was to check out. I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel and, if I caught a glimpse, my terminal cynicism convinced me it was just some bastard waving a torch.

That attitude was what led to more than one scuppered suicide plan – including the one that left me with a broken back.

Nowadays, having spent years questing for the meaning of life, getting a greater understanding of the natural ebb and flow of things, understanding how much life opens up and becomes so much richer when we say ‘YES’ to it and take responsibility for all we’ve created, I recognise the difference between ‘pause’ and ‘off’.

It’s only when we move to a place of accountability that we can really make change in our lives. 

It’s only when we stop blaming external factors and, instead, ponder why we’ve ‘attracted’ the perceived negativities into our lives, how and why we did that and what we might learn from it, that we start to approach tomorrow in a different way. 

It’s only when we realise that we all have the ability to choose our mood, our outlook and our future that we understand the power and importance of living in the moment. 

It’s only then that we see how much we would have missed if we’d checked out when we first had that urge. 

And what if… what if we check out before our time and then have to go right back to the beginning and start all over again? I don’t remember who first posed that question, but it sure did make me think!


By and large, my life is amazing now. Totally awesome. I’m doing the work I love – and it’s growing. I’m clear on my mission. I have a roof over my head, a beautiful wife who loves me, three dogs, two cats and a really fun car suitable for somebody much, much younger than me. 

Sure, I still have bad days. I sometimes feel like my spirit has been dipped in fast-setting cement and is sinking fast. And I know I can break myself out of it. I know I have the tools, the ability and the MISSION to pull out of that downer much faster. I know it will pass.

I might occasionally do a bit too much and feel overloaded. I know how to spot the signs and slow down a bit. Sometimes I miss – or ignore – them, but most of the time I hold onto plenty of balance and maintain that feelgood vibe.

Sometimes I want to scream: “STOP THE WORLD, I WANNA GET OFF!”. Sometimes I actually do. Sometimes that alone is enough to smash me out of that funk and lift my mood – or, at least, break my state enough for me to remember my mission, remember all the wonderful things I care about – my loved ones, my work, my achievements, roller coasters, woodland walks, climbing trees, vegan rhubarb crumble – and rediscover my smile.

I’m in control. It’s my life. It’s precisely what I make it.

Some days it feels as though the world is about to stop turning.

Or, worse, that it won’t stop turning at all.

Keep going anyway.

Until next time,