We knew it would happen. The rhetoric from the left, the media and Hollywood was bound to come to violence. It was also predictable that as soon as violence occurred, President Trump would be blamed.

From the moment President Trump was elected, there has been hysteria on the part of the democrats, the media and the lefties. It’s more of the same. I just googled “people who have asked for violence against Republicans”, and all that came up was articles stating that President Trump incites violence. A bit biased I think.

Does anyone remember Maxine Waters calling for people to get in the faces of Republicans anywhere and anytime? Also recall Eric Holder saying to kick them, Hillary Clinton saying to not be civil, Jerry Brown saying that somebody has to do something to that guy (President Trump), Joe Biden wanting to beat up our President, democrats defending illegals against the will of the citizens and causing untold stress as we watch an invasion happening before our eyes. What about the vicious attack on the Republican baseball team and the slanderous attack on Judge Kavanaugh causing his and his family’s lives to be threatened.

Can we not forget the numerous Hollywood attacks on our President; Kathy Griffin holding our President’s severed head, and numerous “art” renderings showing the same or similar depictions of a murdered President Trump. How about Snoop Dog standing over the dead body of President Trump on an album cover? Robert DeNiro, Mickie Rourke, Larry Wilmore, George Lopez, Marilyn Manson, Rosie O’Donnell, Madonna, Johnny Depp, Rapper Big Sean all wished death on our President and all in violent ways. 

NYC Public Theater portrayed President Trump as Julius Caesar being stabbed on stage. Beyonce’s “Formation” video and Super Bowl 50 performance was anti-police and promoted violence against police.

There is no equivalency to this type of disgusting rhetoric on the conservative side. Nothing is said by conservative politicians, conservative media, conservative entertainment that remotely resembles this acrimonious rhetoric. Conservatives are not harassing liberals in restaurants and threatening their families.

Try as they may to say it is the President inciting violence, it is not. His comments about the crime and drugs brought into our country by illegals, and with regards to the caravan of people headed to our border are neither racist not violent. They are simply facts that are undeniable. Ask any Angel parent about violence, or any victims and communities terrorized by MS-13 gangs. Check in with the thousands of families who have lost loved ones due to drugs pouring over our southern border.

Each day I am amazed to see just how low media can go in their biased and dishonest reporting. I am frustrated and angry at our politicians who act only for their own power and greed and vengeance and not for the good of America. 

Thankfully most of those hardworking patriotic Americans that are still living their lives and raising their kids and working their jobs, see what is going on and they don’t like it and they don’t buy it. They know the truth and they know who is inciting the violence.

The people who were the recipients of the impotent bombs all had one thing in common; their complete disrespect for the President, the rule of law, for conservatives and very loose tongues with nasty speech. It will never excuse what the deranged man did, but in his unstable way of thinking, their words became a call to action. Not President Trump’s words, but their very own. We all need to think before we spew the kind of hate-speech and violence-inciting discourse that we see daily aimed at the President and conservatives. It inspires both sides to action and when someone is already on the edge of mental well-being and insanity, this can be a tipping point.

The tragic Synagogue shooting is also being blamed on President Trump, though the shooter did not even like the President. His issues were his own anti-Semitic feelings which have been festering within him long before President Trump came along. 

Some are so eager to lay blame on the President for everything; when the reality is they need to look at what they themselves are saying and doing. The left needs to accept their own accountability for the words, the videos, the artistic renderings, and the constant criticism and vitriol aimed at our President.

Innocent people are at risk as violent rhetoric continues. The half of America who really like this President and what he has done for America have as much rights as do the haters. We are just quieter and more respectful. Stop blaming and framing President Trump. It’s the first step to actually growing up and being part of the solution rather than part of the problem.