The Government is officially shutdown, which affects about 800,000 government workers, who won’t get their paychecks until congress comes to terms on the nagging issue of a border wall, more specifically, national security. This issue has Democrats and Republicans pointing fingers at each other. I would suggest that they simply look in the mirror and blame themselves.

What could possibly be wrong with protecting the sovereignty of our country from illegal entry, drug and human trafficking, along our Southern border?

The answer is, there is no reason why any rational lawmaker would not secure the funding which is a drop in the bucket compared to what we spend domestically and donate to other countries around the Globe.

So it’s not a money issue at all. It’s clearly and simply a political issue, stonewalling the will of the people and a continued belligerent attitude against our President, simply because he is President, who was not on the radar to win in 2016.

It’s Sour Grapes taken to perverse level, where we can’t even deliver a commonsense solution to an abysmal problem which could be easily rectified with the strike of a senatorial pen, and ratified by the President.. and by God, get these governmental paychecks eft’d.

So, I thought I’d take a moment to focus on what exactly the Wall is, and stop making it into an imaginary boogie man.

Love RayRay..and a Poem.

The Wall

The Wall is not a concept
Nor a symbol to insult
The Wall is not a theory
Nor an algebraic note  

The Wall is not a statement
Nor an answer to defend
The Wall is not a vision
Of what the Right wing doth intend

The Wall is not a figment
Of an imaginary brain
The Wall is not to crucify
For legal Immigration will remain

So let’s say exactly what it is
And make it very clear
A Wall to but a barrier
Between countries that are near

The Wall is there to demarcate
The Border loud and clear
It’s to prevent those intent
On illegally coming here

A Wall is made of metal
Or a Brick and mortar smear
The Wall is built in such a way
That sneakers won’t adhere

The Wall protects our sovereignty
Each Nation has this right
We don’t care if your offended
Nor if the height will cause you fright

Its time our Nation took a stand
And fund this needed Wall
But different than the “Field of Dreams”
For they won’t come at all

Written by RayRay 12/11/18 ©️