It’s time to wipe your feet.

Yeah, you read that right. You’ve stepped in the yucky stuff and you’ve been traipsing that stench around all over the place. It’s your own stink. You need to clean up after yourself now.

We’ve all experienced that horrible faux pas, haven’t we? We’ve all had that awful moment of realisation when it becomes clear that the sickening stench is coming from the bottom of our own shoe.

What happens then? We hurriedly make our way to a hose, or a WC, or a patch of grass and leaves if we’re outdoors, and we do our best to clean up as thoroughly and quickly as we can. After all, it’s not just our own senses being assaulted… everyone within sniffing distance is gagging!

But here’s where that old adage about being immune to your own scent is truer than ever. When it’s someone else’s shit we’ve stepped in, it’s painfully obvious. When we’re traipsing our own stinking mess around, we rarely even notice!

You’ll have guessed by now… I’m not actually talking about turds! I’m talking about the general life trash we carry with us every day, dragging it around like some rancid old case full of crap. We don’t clean it up. We don’t attempt to get rid of it. Hell, we don’t even realise it’s there!

What are YOU dragging around that’s weighing you down and stinking up your life?

Regrets? Blame? Guilt? Anger? Jealousy? Resentment? Bitterness? Let’s throw blame in there a second time, because that’s really popular with y’all.

These emotions really don’t serve us. We *think* they do, because they give us little energy boosts when we need them – little blasts of endorphins, like stinky little stress tadpoles flooding our system.

Sometimes we actually condition ourselves to crave the hits from these states – they’re like negativity crack. They give us excuses. They provide us with all kinds of ‘reasons’ why our life isn’t as we’d like it to be. And some of them create a real fire in our belly… sure, it might be the kind of fire that drives hatred or drama, but hey, any spark’s a lark, right?

I get it. I really, really do. I’ve been there. I used to build all kinds of excuses for the funk I was in.

Of course I was depressed and miserable. It was because of the abuse I’d been through, or because my dad had died – and that was painful enough, but when so many of my peers lost loved ones, they’d been left with an inheritance that had helped to secure their future. Not me! Where was my damn silver spoon?!

Of course I was a walking ball of stress – I was a grown up with a high pressure career; you needed to look at me, you asses, I was supposed to play hardball, all that drama was the real business – you guys were just playing at life.

And yeah, sure I was frustrated – I had these health issues that made my life so much more difficult than yours and STILL I was getting on with getting on.

Recognise any of that? See how your own scenario might hold a few similar trip wires? Notice all the negativity pouring off those statements? That’s just the tip of the proverbial… I could delve back into my own life, that tornado of stress, drama and depression, all day long. I used to get off on that crap!

Y’know, when I was in that bubble, everything seemed totally normal. SNAFU. The drama, the stress, the anxiety, the depression, the ‘reasons’ I gave myself to excuse it all were just a part of every day western life.

Many of my pals had a similar outlook. It was just the way of the world, wasn’t it? We were all like rats in sewers, just going through the motions.

A handful of those closest to me could see the cracks and smell my BS a mile away. But me? Totally clueless. I swallowed the excuses I fed to myself whole and without question.

Nothing changed until I took full responsibility for everything in my life. Nothing could. If nothing’s our fault, fixing any of it is beyond our control.

It’s a double edged sword. If we take ownership of everything in our life, that’s beautiful, in that it puts the power to change, to manifest, to mould our future right into our palms. And it’s also terrifying, because that means it’s all on us. No wonder so many of us avoid owning our lives for as long as we possibly can!

The buck stops with us for all the elements we perceive as failures… but, remember, the same applies to successes.

It took a total breakdown hitting before I was able to detect the shit I’d been trailing around with me for all those years. All those less than positive states I’d been allowing to cling to me, wafting that stench around wherever I went.

Everything is so, so different now; I feel happier, healthier, in control of my life AND the air is cleaner. The biggest thing I changed to achieve a greater sense of balance, contentment and awareness was my perspective.

Why am I telling you all this?

Because you don’t need to crash in order to sniff out the crap you’re carrying around with you. You just need to take a step back and audit your life. Are you happy? Do you wake up feeling eager to face the day? Are you fulfilled? Are you living in the moment or wasting your life away living for the weekend or the next vacation? If you’re honest with yourself, are you getting off on some of that stress and negativity you’re carrying? Are you pointing fingers to excuse your attitude, your status, your mood? Are you effectively treading in your own shit without even noticing?

If you answered ‘yes’ to some of those, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s almost the norm in our society to carry some of those icky beliefs and energies.

The good news is, you can choose to start wiping your shoes and cleaning up your act whenever you want to.

I’d suggest starting now.

Until next time,