Like termites determined to bring down any structure made of wood, the Democrat party is still trying to rig the next Presidential election only four months away, give or take a few days, by eating away at the Blue State level. They want to change the Constitutionally approved method of electing presidents through the electoral college in favor of the popular vote, thus rendering political leadership of our whole country to decisions made in the ‘Blue’ States of New York and California.

After Trump, the Democrats demanded the popular vote should prevail over the electoral vote. They claim Hillary Clinton would have won if the popular vote counted; but it didn’t and she didn’t either. Any way, at the end, I believe when all the stuffed ballots were reviewed and discarded, she didn’t actually win the popular vote either. So, there we are! 

It’s all detailed in the 12th Amendment and The Supremes killed any deviation from the constitutionally approved method of electing the President, via the Electoral College. Electors in individual states cannot vote how they feel, they must vote the will of the voters in their states.

The Court held “that (Blue) state laws which seek to punish presidential electors who break their pledge of support to certain candidates do not violate the constitution. The court ruled against so-called “faithless electors” in a case that stems from three Washington electors all who violated their electoral pledge in 2016. Taking an oath is apparently a serious business.

One wonders why politicians don’t know that?

But, should we be concerned? Yes, of course, when every election cycle, the evidence piles up in Democrat strongholds of Party ballot stuffing, harvesting and outright fraud. I was surprised a few years ago when both my parents voted Democrat in an election. They never did that when they were alive! 

By this statement, I do not mean to pretend we shouldn’t also be concerned by decisions coming out of the Supreme Court like Bostock vs Clayton Co. with the court defining the term “Sex” for us. Some of their recent decisions suggest that Chief Justice John Roberts may actually be a “Deep State” functionary and that bodes ill for Conservatives!

Democrats, like the termites, are determined to eat it all and not to lose another election even if the house (our nation) falls down. Trump’s 2016 victory was a total shock to their system and they don’t want it repeated.

It will be, but not if they can help it. Too, they’re in sort of a quandary because their candidate is the lovable but dementially challenged and uber rich career politician,  Joe, the troglodyte, Biden only recently emerged from his cellar hole where he doesn’t have to answer those difficult softball questions like, “Joe, Do you remember your first name?” 

Joe is not the issue here. He’s already been programed by far-Left radicals to do what he is told. He is expendable! Expect Joe, if he wins, to be surrounded by a bodyguard of lies, deception and lost memory. Joe will be a figurehead until he becomes a clumsy danger and suddenly has a heart attack. Joe is controlled by fear. Fear is a great motivator but, the last remaining check-off-box for him, to be President of the US is, theoretically, within his grasp. The dream is too compelling. Joe’s foibles, loss of memory, slow response time, using wrong words, etc, are out there for everybody to see. The Democrats see it too.

Beware of their VP choice. It could launch a real civil war. It only remains somehow, for the Democrats to figure out a way for Joe to get a Nobel Prize nomination and earn a state funeral. 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Image: Reuters