Stay Focused On Your IMPACT - Wendy Lipton-Dibner 2

Self-reflection is such an important tool for leaders who are both grounded and in touch with their true life mission. We often get caught up in non-sensical distractions that erode our inner ambitions. One way to avoid this, is to stay focused on your IMPACT!

Ask yourself – Do you have a favorite morning ritual that has the potential to shape your entire day?

If breakfast is as important to the start of your day as health experts say it is – then those few moments of self-reflection in the mirror each morning will be vital to a more fulfilling life.

My friends you are in for a treat. For women – the opportunity to learn from two incredibly powerful and successful women as in Wendy Lipton-Dibner and Angye Foxx. For men – lick your chops in jealousy as Malcolm has the platform between two highly motivated, driven, and passionately successful women!

Every morning Wendy looks into the mirror with this question… Are you making the impact that you
want to be making?

This extraordinarily gifted leader will make an incredible IMPACT on your day, your business, and your aspirations to reach higher in your life – and yes, you can quote Malcolm on that!

Wendy Lipton-Dibner, M.A. is a multiple-time, international bestselling author and leading authority on business acceleration through impact strategy and ethical influence. President of Professional Impact, Inc. and founder of the Action Movement™, Wendy is recognized worldwide for her unparalleled ability to help clients achieve measurable results in record time by maximizing and capitalizing on the impact they make with their message, products and services. Her internationally-acclaimed, Move People to Action™ Live Event and E-Course have been named, “The most comprehensive training ever created for impact-driven entrepreneurs”.

“Life is far too short to settle for less than you truly want – in your business or your life. So Focus On Impact® and move people to action so you make an impact on every life you touch!”

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We start with what we call ‘THE ENLIGHTENED ROUND‘, so that we may get to know Wendy Lipton-Dibner better. Let’s start with her favorite quote,

“All you can do is all you can do, but all you can do is enough”
A.L .Williams

Just in case you are intrigued, this is also the title of a book by A.L. Williams.

The must read book you must check out is: Focus on Impact
“The Secret to Success in Business”, says Forbes.

The one website that everyone needs to know about:

Best social media tool for Wendy is: Branded as Smart Social Intelligence: Uncover and connect with the right audience.

“Entrepreneurialism is not a virus,” Wendy Lipton-Dibner

Now on to ‘MAKING YOUR MARK‘, follow along in the podcast using the guide below to chart your own course for success and adventure!

  1. Are entrepreneurs/leaders born or made?
  2. Who gave you your first big break?
  3. Your cardinal rule to becoming a standout entrepreneur/leader?
  4. Greatest success in your career and how did you celebrate?
  5. What is your kryptonite?
  6. How do you deal with difficult people?
  7. Single best advice you’ve ever been given?
  8. What advice would you give to someone starting out on their career path?
  9. What is the single biggest sacrifice in your career?
  10. If you had 2 minutes to share advice with your 21 year old self, what would you say and why?