If the 5-year survival rate of chemotherapy is only 2%, then why does the medical field keep using it when there are alternative, safe and inexpensive treatments that work available? I discuss this and more with Julia Schopick the author of “Honest Medicine” on this week’s show.

Her life was turned upside down the day she found out her husband had a cancerous brain tumor. But only after a year of doing the ‘standard of care’ did she start doing her own research and thinking outside the box. What she found made her doctors uncomfortable but she didn’t care because it was improving her husband’s condition. She continued her research and testing different treatments and this helped her husband live a better quality of life plus extended his life to over 12 years which is remarkable since he was only given 2-3 years to live.

This lead to Julia writing a Best- selling book called “Honest Medicine: Effective, Time-tested, Inexpensive Treatments for Life-Threatening Diseases.” She now spends her time writing, helping others and getting the word out about these treatments and how they can help people get better from many of today’s dreaded diseases, cancer being one.

For Further Insight:
Website: www.honestmedicine.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Julia-Schopick-Presents-Honest-Medicine-145402085476798/


“Surviving Terminal Cancer”—Ben Williams. Several physicians and researchers are interviewed for this documentary, as well: https://vimeo.com/119006145  (Surviving Terminal Cancer is also the title of Williams’ book.)



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