St Paul City Council Stacks Deck Against Police

It’s been a challenging year for law enforcement in America. As we close the year, all of this got me thinking – what will President Obama’s legacy be in regards to law enforcement? Did he do the right things when it mattered? And how does law enforcement perceive the President and his actions throughout his term? In his “View From The Blue”, Lt. Randy Sutton talks about President Obama’s Law Enforcement Legacy.

Our feature interview in this weeks episode of POLICE RADIO THE VOICE OF AMERICAN LAW ENFORCEMENT and BLUE LIVES RADIO exposes how the Mayor and Council of St. Paul, Minnesota have caved into the demands of “activists” and removed the police from the entire Internal Affairs process. Host Randy Sutton interviews the President of the St. Paul Police Federation David Titus who reveals how the fate and futures of the men and women who serve is now in the hands of untrained civilians because of liberal politics.