Shame, Shame, Shame! I think it is beyond reprehensible for Dems to parade out dear ol’ Uncle Joe to stand in front of the nation he supposedly leads and demonstrates his dementia for all the world to see to the mirth and amusement of a skeptical public as he did, babbling on about 600 million vaccines for 300 people and, “C’mon Man, you know what I mean!”  

Joe’s role is twofold: to distract us from the stolen election and quickly impose Marxists policies by EO’s to overturn all the “Make America Great Again” successes of Trump’s four-year administration. Trump’s second impeachment farce is a distraction too and a vain attempt to drive a stake into the heart of the bad orange man who nearly ruined their gig. He sure had ’em scared. Maybe next time.

If the imposter Joe Biden, is the Left’s role model as proof of elderly dementia, then the equally elderly but vile Maxine Waters, Senators Leahy, Schumer, and the odious Nancy Pelosi, all unbalanced as they are with pursuing the total destruction of President Trump without GOP challenge.

The next two years will be remarkable for its vehemence against those who step out of line to their Marxist orthodoxy they are now wanting to impose on us. The Left’s hypocrisy is apparent.

When the sex-starved Eric Swalwell (D-Ca) was caught shagging a CCP honey pot spy, and Muslim Representatives who are basically calling for jihad are considered by their party as representative of political bravery, and Marjorie Taylor Greene isn’t. The real problems identify themselves to us all too clearly. The inmates are running the asylum!  

We can joke about these people, and we can stand in front of our like-minded fellows at meetings preaching to the choir and complain. Still, until we get off our asses and do something, nothing will change. Like a boa constrictor crushing its victim, the Marxists will slowly but inexorably continue to squeeze all of our inalienable rights out of our Constitution. They are now in charge, aren’t they? They can’t be allowed to stay there.

The state of our Nation has been in peril for a long time, but we didn’t recognize it because our side, the Republicans, have slowly been fed enough goodies to neutralize any dissension. Since 06 January, it should be apparent to all that the Left is in the ascendency. Most of our weak Republican leadership, paralyzed with fear except for a few like Jim Jordan and Marjorie Taylor Greene, think the old boys club rules are good enough. Why occasionally, a Republican may be allowed to sit at the lunch table with his betters.

Remedies are before us if we have the will to take ’em on. The hard work necessary to find young conservative candidates must be pursued to keep our end up until 2024 and after. Don’t forget; Republicanism is in the ascendency. In the fly-over country, we hold a majority of State governorships and legislatures, including a couple in states with idiot Democrat governors. It is vital to increase those numbers by finding new, young candidates and getting rid of the old deadwood. We should not lose sight that the Marxists know this too and are working hard to change Red states to Blue⏤just like they are trying to do here in Georgia.

It will be amusing when the imposter Joe Biden gives his State of the Union address to the nation. I hope Republicans will not attend mainly to avoid the embarrassment of watching Joe stumble and as a finger poked in the Democrats’ eyes. I suspect Joe will not fail to disappoint, and we’ll have a harvest of political fodder to use for the next two years. 

Remember, freedom is the goal; the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!