Much has been made by outraged Democrats of Attorney General William Barr’s use of the word “spying” during his recent testimony before the United States Senate. According to the Democrats who are taken aback over AG Barr use of that word, “spying” apparently connotes something Machiavellian. Something evil.

Well those of us who have lived and worked in the intelligence world take umbrage to “spying” being viewed as a pejorative. When done on behalf of the United States in order to provide our leadership with the information necessary to help them make the right decisions on behalf of America it’s downright noble!

Many of us have devoted decades of our lives in the pursuit of information our decision makers need in order to protect and defend America. At times living in austere, even Spartan conditions, and often times in dangerous environments.

American Intelligence Officers are even now hard at work placing their lives on the line trying to obtain that one piece of intelligence that will help to prevent another 9-11. There’s a wall in the lobby of CIA Headquarters with several dozen carved stars etched into its surface honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice on behalf of our great nation.

But when spying is done to further the interests of one of America’s political parties over another it no longer is a noble endeavor. When it’s done with the approval of an opposing candidate, or even a sitting president, it indeed does become Machiavellian and evil.  And a criminal act that must be investigated fully and those involved prosecuted to the fullest extent the law allows. No matter how high the trail may lead.

While it can be indicative of innocence if the target of accusations vehemently denies the charges and fights back, any well-trained old investigator or seasoned intelligence officer will tell you that the red flags often go up when someone or some group starts attacking those trying to get to the truth. As is happening right now within the Democrat Party and their ally⏤the so-called mainstream news media.

Attorney General William Barr is a career public servant, twice now being called to serve as the Attorney General, the nation’s chief law enforcement officer. His record is unblemished in a career lasting decades. But just as happened with Judge Brett Kavanaugh, another honorable man unfairly attacked as President Trump’s nominee to the Supreme Court, AG Barr is now coming under a withering attack against his character and integrity from Democrats who are scared to death that AG Barr’s promise to look into the “spying” allegations that was conducted against the Trump campaign may uncover things the Democrats would rather keep hidden.

Barr also expressed concerns about the abuse of the FISA Court process and also the sham FBI investigation into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private server to send and receive highly classified government information. Not to mention the overwhelming evidence of numerous cases of obstruction of justice on the part of Hillary Clinton and her aides.

Democrats understand that should AG Barr succeed in getting to the bottom of all of these scandals that occurred during the supposed “scandal-free” Obama Administration, the entire Democrat Party may come crashing down around them.

Buried under a pile of deceit, corruption, and lies to the American people.

Those of us who spied on behalf of this country to help protect and defend her against all enemies foreign and domestic welcome Attorney General Barr’s efforts to uncover the abuses that undoubtedly occurred during the Obama Administration. Abuses and lies that should make every American angry as hell that Americans can be illegally spied upon by an out of control administration, and then covered up by the Radical Left Democrat Party.