The U.S. House Intelligence Committee investigation, the Mueller Investigation and report and the Justice Department’s IG report⏤have more than proven that the Russia Collusion hoax has been revealed to have been a horrific, yet elaborate coup attempt and criminal conspiracy against President Trump⏤run from the inner circle of the Obama White House. In my previous writings, I have referred to it a “silent coup”. Obama’s role now becomes obviously apparent.

What did Barack Obama know and when did he know it?

In my honest and professional opinion as a senior intelligence officer, having served on the White House National Security Council staff is this, and I’ll be blunt — Barack Obama knew everything because he was involved in everything.

It must be understood that former President Obama not only knew everything, but he ensured it was orchestrated and implemented. I firmly believe he was totally immersed and involved from the beginning. Furthermore, Mr. Obama allowed the upper echelons of his entire administration and those of the federal government, specifically the Justice Department and the intelligence community, and at least eight other federal agencies in an effort to participate in an attempt to subvert the U.S. laws and the Constitution. Specifically he spied on his political opponents, targeted his political enemies, as well as thousands of American citizens he considered might or could be a political threat, but the ultimate goal was to destroy Donald Trump as a candidate, and overthrow the duly elected President of the United States after he succeeded him.

We are now waiting for the second phase of the Justice Department IG Report from Michael Horowitz which covers the FISA Abuse portion, and that of special appointed attorney John Durham who is conducting a more in-depth Justice Department report covering both the department and the Intelligence Community.

In those multiple reports, we await the potential and inevitable indictments of senior Obama administration officials like John Brennan in the ongoing John Durham investigation. The scope and magnitude of what Durham is actually investigating will shock the conscience of most Americans. It reaches back to at least 2012 and possibly before. Furthermore, it goes well beyond FISA warrants in what the Obama administration was doing.

The ‘silent coup’ involved at least eight federal departments and agencies which included; the State Department, the National Security Agency, the Pentagon, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), CIA, FBI, the National Security Council, and of course the Justice Department and the White House. As a career senior intelligence officer, lets first look at the Intelligence Community. It was witnessed and revealed how former CIA Director John Brennan, under the direction and guise of Obama, was running an East German Stassi-style government operation that spied on Americans with impunity and weaponized the Intelligence agencies, the Justice Department, the FBI, the Pentagon and the State Department against the Democrats domestic political opponents. Here is a brief encapsulation of what Barack Obama knew and when he knew it.

Since at least 2012, and there are indications this goes further back to possibly 2010, and up and through 2016⏤the investigations revealed a full blown effort of systematic spying on American citizens. This revelation clearly has the Democrats scared to death and is the real driver of their hysterical insanity. Understand that from early 2012 through March of 2016 FBI Director Comey allowed three CIA/DNI contractors unlimited illegal access to NSA surveillance systems. The critical aspect of this effort is that it was specifically designed to violate every national security directive within the intelligence community. You see, those three contractors reported directly to CIA Director John Brennan and DNI Director James Clapper.

During the four-years, Comey, Brennan, and Clapper vehemently violated what is known as FISA Section 702 authority, using it to access a highly classified and state of the art high-tech NSA systems, including PRISM. According to portion two of the IG Report, Comey’s contractors spied on over 40,000 American citizens. This is also documented according to a ruling from presiding FISA Court Judge Rosemary Collyer in April of 2017, where is revealed that 85%, or over 32,500 of these FISA warrant searches were illegally and unconstitutionally obtained. They are violations of the 4th Amendment. You see, Section 702 authority authorized warrantless surveillance of “non-U.S. persons reasonably believed to be outside the country. Still 702 authority permits overseas collection, period. Comey, Clapper, and Brennan used it to collect information against Americans within the U.S. Understand that 90% of worldwide communications routes through the U.S. and they took advantage of that reality.

So, immediately the first question that comes to mind is⏤which of the over 32,500 Americans who communications information was Obama and his team spying on. Obviously, those who they considered their enemies and threats. Nevertheless, illegal spying on Americans on a systematic basis for over four-years is perhaps the most egregious act a government can do against its citizens. First, what I do know is that the names of those Americans are known to special attorney John Durham. 

Understand that Durham is targeting Brennan and “Unauthorized political surveillance.” Second, then who were Comey, Brennan, and Clapper spying on? Third, I believe some of those names identified on the list of 32,500 Americans illegally spied on do need to be made public so that Americans can judge for themselves the degree of wrong-doing, depravity and desperation on the part of the Obama administration having stooped to try to overthrow an election for Hillary Clinton. At this point I can only guess the names of a few of the Obama administration targeted for collection by the NSA. Remember this goes back to at least 2012, so there are a number of people who no longer might be considered important at this point in time. My list is as follows; Obviously Donald Trump and his family, Chief Justice John Roberts, Republican nominee Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, Justice Antonin Scalia, Conservative Republican members of the Senate and Congress, journalists and opinion leaders and talking heads (yes of all political persuasions), non-elected politicians and party political leaders, Conservative thinkers, and probably myself.

The Obama administration and their thugs and stooges within the Deep State were spying on anyone that they considered was a threat. They wanted and needed compromising information on many of their adversaries and even their own for the purpose of blackmail, extortion and even bribery.

Information about those people or their family members like their bank records, their internet viewing searches and habits, the contents of their emails, who they were sleeping with, etc. Everything imaginable that is potentially embarrassing, socially damaging, or incriminating.

Americans need to take this extremely seriously. The ability to use the most powerful capabilities and systems of the American intelligence apparatus for illegally spying on prominent Americans and political opponents of the President is profoundly the worst of the worst. It is horrific, despicable and disgusting to the ‘Nth degree’. This is Soviet, Marxist-Leninist style Communism was the mindset of the Obama administration. This of course is now at the center of what Attorney General William Barr was referring to when saying John Durham was looking at “unauthorized surveillance” and “political surveillance”.

What I also now have learned is that there were a series of Secret Briefings present to then President Obama by Brennan over the course of the years he served as CIA Director. In those briefings, the details of this illegal surveillance were being sent directly to Brennan and Clapper. Brennan compiled the Secret briefing materiel in sealed Authorized President’s “Eyes Only” envelopes with limited circulation within the inner reaches of the Oval Office. From Declassify the Envelope: after this, a white envelope which contained “eyes only” instructions was then sent by courier from the Central Intelligence Agency to the White House. As a result, the “Eyes Only” contents of Brennan’s envelope were shown to only four people; Obama, Susan Rice, in addition to Brennan and Clapper.

So with that – if you have been following the Russia Collusion events and names of those involved the likes of which included; British spy Christopher Steele at Fusion GPS is accumulating the infamous Steele Dossier of Kremlin and Ukrainian dis-information. It was the Steele Dossier that used to prompt the FISA court to approve the application for the four approved FISA warrants. Likewise the Dossier was included in Mr. Brennan’s official national intelligence Assessment Estimate of Oct 2016, in an effort to give it legitimacy. The Dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton and the Democrat National Committee. And of course, Steele, Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, and Clinton Crony Sydney Blumenthal were all in constant touch with senior State Department officials.

We have since learned that Brennan of course had worked with the Australian, Italian and British intelligence services to trick and set-up George Papadopoulos in an effort to get Trump. He used Italian intelligence asset Joseph Mifsud, State Department asset Stefan Halper, and Australian Diplomat Alexander Downer to frame Papadopoulos as a Russian Agent, and now we know that didn’t really, but Papadopoulos was indicted by Mueller’s special counsel. Further, most don’t know that the Obama’s Secretary of Defense under Ash Carter paid Mr. Halper over $400,000 for his “consulting” services. After which, Carter and Brennan later teamed up to oust NSA Director Admiral Mike Rogers. They saw Admiral Rogers as a turncoat; (1) for revealing the illegal scandalous Obama surveillance operation to the FISA Court, which prompted the reason for the shut-down of the FISA 702 process and forces the Obama administration to now have to submit formal detailed and justifiable FISA applications to the FISA Court. And (2) for secretly briefing President-Elect Trump in Trump tower after his election. 

Of course, Rogers never revealed or told Brennan or anyone else that he revealed to whole scandal in-advance to Trump. Hence, it was the abuse of the FISA Court that will exposes Obama’s abuse of NSA to spy on Americans, thanks to Rogers. Admiral Rogers is indeed a brave and honorable Constitutional Patriot and perhaps one of the heroes of the whole Russian Collusion and coup against President Trump. I can guarantee this, John Durham has questions for Brennan, and Mike Rogers damn well has the answers. That will be certainly something to look forward to hearing and reading.

Along with that, also understand, what will be revealed perhaps in the coming days and weeks is that the entire Mifsud/ Downer/ Halper affair was in fact a John Brennan operation. Together, with Comey, Clapper, and others, they engineered the creation of the Russia Hoax. Further, as I previously mentioned, the wide-spread scope and breath of this operation and affair required State Department approval to work with the foreign entities. This hence involves former Secretary of State John Kerry along with coordination as we already know Ash Carter and his Pentagon were involved.

We already know much about what was going on in the background, at the center of it all was Peter Strzok and Andrew Weismann. Mr.Strzok launched the Crossfire Hurricane counterintelligence operation with information based on the bogus intelligence from Mifsud/ Downer/ Halper. He and Weismann incorporated the Steele Dossier into the first and fake FISA application signed by none other than FBI Director Comey. Strzok also worked with Brennan on the disgraced previously mentioned National Intelligence Estimate, a report NSA Director Mike Rogers expressed little confidence in. You will recall, in now the infamous Strzok–Lisa Page texts, Strzok proclaims that “POTUS wants to know everything we are doing“, a smoking gun if ever there was one. Later he proclaims that the “White House is running this [the operation].”

This brings us pretty much front and center solely to former President Barack Obama was at the center of it all! It is fair to assume that not only did former President Barack Obama know everything. He had to have been from everything I have seen, running this effort since they started spying on Americans in 2012. Like I said, there are some indications that this actually probably started well before as early as 2010 in utilizing the NSA capability to collect intelligence on Americans inside this country. No operation of this magnitude could have possibly not had the approval and understanding of Mr. Obama himself. It was simply too vast and too executive-level authority required and driven and it subsequently became an extension of their standard operating procedure to be able to freely collect on so many Americans.

So what went down in the Obama Oval Office in the days leading up to and immediately after President-Elects Trump’s election victory? Some key events that over the course of that period saw the final two smoking guns, so to speak.

First there was the meeting in the Oval Office on January 6th, 2017 to discuss how they were going to sabotage Trump by releasing the Steele Dossier. Then Comey briefed President-Elect Trump the next day, the story leaks it immediately afterward. At the meeting was Obama, Biden, NSC Advisor Susan Rice, Brennan, Clapper, Valerie Jarrett, Comey, Assistant Attorney Sally Yates, and the NSC’s Ben Rhodes. Certainly, that was quite the junta of coup plotters.

By that day, they had indeed already laid the groundwork for the so-called Strzok insurance policy, which as you know was Plan-B necessary since Hillary had lost the election.

The real problem they had and the reason for the meeting was how to implement the plan of attack since in roughly two weeks Obama would no longer be President and they would lose control of essentially all government apparatus. Worse, the likelihood of their whole plan of the coup would be revealed.

But now it gets worse for them as on the final day, Susan Rice would write a self-incriminating memo to herself. On January 20th, 2017, the day President Trump was inaugurated⏤Rice famously memorialized the leaked meeting. In a bizarre memo to herself, what some call her “cover your ass” memo, she confirmed who had attended the meeting and insisted several times that Obama had said whatever they did to make sure they did it “by the book”. The question that always arises in my mind is which book was she and had Obama been referring to? Was it Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals? Or was it Sun Tzu’s’ the Art of War (which in fact I doubt). Could it be the Clinton book of Ethics, yes I’m joking, but certainly sounds like it. And what about, the Obama book of transparency in Government?

All I know is that things were done in the most dishonest, illegal, unconscionable fashion possible. It is for this reason that Attorney General Barr brought onboard Connecticut Attorney John Durham, certainly one of the few men capable of conducting executive level probing of the criminals and villains across the interagency, intelligence community and of course inside the Obama White House. Having served at this level of government myself in two White House administrations, what is most concerning to me is that the Obama senior level officials saw nothing wrong with subverting the Constitution and the American people. From falsely framing and lying about their political opponents, manipulating and weaponizing the Intelligence agencies as political weapons, to attempting to sabotage the U.S. duly elected Presidential successor and destroy Donald Trump’s Presidency, is beyond egregious⏤it is treason at the highest level. They acted worse than America’s worst enemy’s in history.

There however is a more serious long term problem that the Trump administration and we as Americans must try to fix and deal with respectively. Understand this and understand it well⏤Obama, Brennan, Comey and their villainous sycophants have done more harm to America than the Russians could ever do in 100-years. And again, it must be asked, what did Barack Obama know and when did he know it? A lot more than he is letting on. He knew everything, from the very beginning. He was briefed about it regularly. He was the PuppetMaster. It is critically imperative that the central parties are held accountable. That the whole truth is transparent.

Obama has perpetrated the greatest Constitutional crisis in our nation’s history. Think of it, a self-serving, outgoing President waging war on his successor. Subverting the U.S. Constitution. Using the most horrendous East German, Stassi strategy tactics as a standard operating procedure. 

It raises more about his politics, ideology, along with his integrity and character⏤what American President acts like this?⏤Washington and Lincoln are rolling in their graves. Obama’s first act of removing the bust of Winston Churchill from the Oval Office should have been the first indicator.

As Attorney General William Barr’s special attorney John Durham completes his investigation I pray to God that the indictments will be sweeping and damning for Obama, Brennan, and his lackeys who surround him. If crimes of this magnitude and horrific nature are not prosecuted it will speak poorly for the future of our Constitutional Republic we call America.