I Spy… A Bicycle Path

Road Trips. Love ‘em or complain constantly through them. I don’t know that I’ve ever found a middle ground. By myself, I think I can last a maximum of Maybe 3 hours. The excitement I started out with, has then begun to turn into repetitive and unnecessary GPS checking. I build story telling into the paint choice or model of the car owners around me. I silently Will one of the drivers around me to pick… Let’s just say, boredom is Not my friend. 
Now With someone on a road trip, I believe I can last at Least 4 hours! There’s music to sing badly, stories to be shared, laughter to be had and the untethered thrill still fresh enough to carry us through. In my mind though, one gets past that 4 hour mark, and even the Strongest Friendships begin to be tested. Now, I don’t care about the person any less and I have not lost my spirit of excitement in the excursion. I just have come to believe that everyone has that internal tolerance float. Some may float longer and some shorter than most.  
I have learned this… If I’m going to begin an adventure on a bicycle built for more than just me, it’s important to agree on the destination And the path.

Photo location Beaufort, Co.Kerry, Ireland
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