Spring Out of “Stuck in Suck”

If you pay careful attention to the maniacal and incessant chatter of your foggy, stressed, lethargic, over-taxed and corrupt cognition, you will quickly identify a sucky perspective! Mental awareness is hard to come by in a society splattered with unremitting distractions. With every fatty bite, sugary drink, strong cocktail, puff of smoke, snort, pill popped, shopping trip, financial bet, reality show, Facebook payback post, Instagram selfie, Snapchat, sext and poor decision after another we face the dark space of what I like to call low level living or “stuck in suck”; aka status quo, comfort zone, lazy and afraid. America, we are dying one decision at a time at the hands of a dual, knock-out, drag-out war between awareness and actions! Your situation sucks because your actions suck! Your actions suck because your thinking sucks! Your thinking sucks because your awareness SUCKS! Your life is being hijacked one decision at a time all at the hands of your lack of awareness and misaligned actions. With divorce rates increasing, obesity rates skyrocketing, growing debt and a plethora of other American ailments, statistics prove we are stuck in suck America! With springtime approaching, I challenge you to prepare to spring out of stuck in suck and transform your life to the next level. What are you afraid of?

Have you ever noticed how nature has a way of unveiling deep symbolism but on a very basic level? Nature provides valuable lessons that generously offer perspective and life affirming wisdom. As you awake from your winter slumber and begin to pick up the slack from the typical sloth-like behavior during the hibernation season, be reminded of the spring season’s beauty and symbolism. When you think of spring you may think of new beginnings, an awakening, change, life, energy, transformation. Springtime may conjure up images for you of butterflies and vibrant, lush flowers. Think about the beautiful metamorphosis of the butterfly and the representation of our soul, endurance, hope and life that is present in the beautiful transformation of life at every stage. Do you see how beautiful this is? Your life does not have to suck! The gift and reminder from Mother Nature is to possess an unwavering, graceful and peaceful acceptance to change demonstrated by the butterfly. In my words, kick some ass!

Do you finesse through life stage changes similar to a butterfly? Are you like most Americans whereby you flip out over the stresses and strains of change? Toiling, worrying, stressing out, flipping out, zoning out, and checking out are all choices just as are vulnerability, surrender, transition, celebration, grace, growth, patience and process. We are gifted along the journey of life with signposts, directional clues, winks, indicators, messages, and serendipitous moments that insight our actions. If you lead with foggy cognition and an unhealthy perspective; you enter into the danger zone of a culmination of poor decisions that create stuck in suck circumstances.

As life takes me off balance, I work hard to remain vigilant of this simple bit of wisdom, “Your life is the sum of all of your choices”. Each decision or action leads toward or away from your dream life. What do you dream of? What choices can you make today to lead you toward that new beginning? What would it be like to begin the rocky but rewarding journey to transformational change? America, use the spring season to energize you out of your sucky situation! How do you think? It begins with awareness of your thoughts. Your actions must match your intentions. Now, what are you going to do?

Kelly Murphy Fit & Fearless Living is on a faithful mission to transform a ‘stuck in suck’ mentality and inspire the desire for fit, healthy and prosperous living. She is the author of Fear Is Horseplay, a child-like story created to inspire all ages toward fearless action. Kelly’s influence on sharing her personal story of failure, tragedy, addiction and overcoming a limiting mindset is at the core of her life’s work. In 2011 Kelly crossed the Ironman finish line with an attitude that anything is possible if you are willing to do the work. Kelly is passionate about tackling the health crisis of our nation one story at a time.