Just because you want something, you should have it, right? In the age of “me”, it has become a society where the majority is ruled by the few that want their way, and lest the majority be called racist, or sexist, or homophobic, or xenophobic, or biased in some other way, the majority folds under pressure.

There are just some things that are sort of written in stone in nature, and for all the names we want to call things, it doesn’t make it so.

One of those things is that men and women are different. Period. Men have an X and a Y chromosome. Women have two X chromosomes. Men and women have different sexual organs, different body types, different hormones racing through them and in different amounts. One can bear children and one cannot. Men are stronger, faster, more sex driven, independent and in our society have traditionally been the breadwinner.

Women are nurturers, caretakers, have more empathy, bear the children and raise and care for them. Yes, these are generalizations, and generally true.

Differences between males and females exist in all of nature. In humans, the lines can blur, and women can share masculine traits and men can share feminine traits. This is normal. But let’s be real and get past all of the political correctness, the sexes are different.

When political correctness and people wanting their way clashes with men’s sports, clubs, or organizations and women’s sports, clubs and organizations, we have crossed a line in my opinion.

When Rachel McKinnon won gold in the sprint portion of the UCI Masters Track Cycling World Championship as a biological male and transgender athlete competing in a women’s event, it was wholly unfair to every woman athlete competing. Those women had the right to compete against other biological women in a women’s event.

Andraya Yearwood, a biological male transitioning to female, just won 2 state track championships at the Connecticut High School Class M Championships running as a female on the girls track team. The biological female who won last year, but came in second to Yearwood this year was devastated. A year of estrogen does not make this high schooler a biological female.

Terry Miller, also a transitioning male, in the same Cromwell High school as Yearwood, took first to Yearwood’s second in another championship event. The girls feel defeated before a race even starts. The sport they have loved no longer has the fun and the same challenge.

There is a female wrestler, transitioning to male, who is wrestling on the girls’ team, but although she is a biological female, she is taking testosterone and questions arise as to how much that helps her to defeat competitors. What happens is that other girls who have earned their way to compete choose to forfeit rather than wrestle, harming their athletic careers.

There is an International Women’s Weight Lifting Champion, Laurel Hubbard who, in 2017 won Gold at the Australasion Championships. According to the IOC a transgender woman need only to wait 12 months after starting hormone replacement therapy and demonstrate that her testosterone levels are within acceptable limits. Further changes such as surgery are not needed. Laurel previously competed as a man. The women in her division feel this is unfair, and some have moved into other weight classes to avoid elimination from competition altogether.

There is the Colorado high school wrestler who chose to forfeit a spot in the state championship rather than wrestle a girl, due to his belief that wrestling with a girl was not a proper thing for him to do based on the way he was brought up to respect women, and his faith. Who did we help by forcing wrestling to be co-ed, and who did we hurt?

We have a few girls who want to be boy scouts instead of girl scouts, so thousands of boys have had to change their traditions to accommodate girls. The entire organization has had to change to accommodate both sexes. We have girl scouts, we have boy scouts, why is that not enough? If a co-ed scouting is desired, then make a third category for co-ed scouting, but boys should not be forced to change their organization for the sake of a few girls who are dissatisfied. We must stop accommodating the few and focus on the many. Women want to join men’s clubs and fraternities, and vice versa. Where does it stop?

I believe that men should have men’s sports, men’s clubs, men’s organizations, and women should not have to be allowed as members or participants. I believe that women should have the same and men should not be included. Everything in life should not be all inclusive. The genders are equal, but not the same. It is how we were created; we are made differently, and we think differently. There are so many places that men and women can choose to share clubs, and organizations and co-ed sports. They should not be forced to do so by laws and states that force athletic teams to allow people that identify as a gender other than their biological gender to participate. Organizations and clubs should not be forced to allow the opposite sex to be a part of their group just because they want to be. Rather than celebrate the differences in men and women, we continue to blur and even erase the lines and count us as not only equal, but the same. We are not and never will be the same, hence the XY and the XX chromosomes.

Men deserve to have the right to compete as men, and women as women. It is a societal mistake to see people as unisex. It takes the joy and the spirit out of the sexes to force them upon each other and pretend that they are the same. They are equal, but not the same, and God made us that way for a reason. Taking hormones and having surgery does not make someone a biologically different gender.

I am not judging the right or wrong here, that is not my place to do and has no place in this discussion, only the biological fact that it is unfair for a biological male to compete as a female and for a biological female to compete as a male.

If some feel that is unfair and gives them nowhere to compete, I’d say that life is not always fair, they have made a choice. It is unfair to the men who compete with men, and to the women who compete with women, and those are the majority, and sometimes in life, the majority just has to rule. I feel for the transgender athletes, and I feel for the girls who want to be in boy’s athletics or organizations. I feel for boys who want to be part of girl’s athletics or organizations. Sorry to say, we can’t please everyone. We want to be so politically correct for the minority of athletes, that we harm the majority of athletes that compete.

We want to be so inclusive and politically correct, that we disallow boys and men to have their own female exempt organizations, and vice versa. No is a good word to remember at times, and these are times when the word NO benefits the majority. An unfair advantage is unfair for everyone. Blurring the lines between sexes is dishonest to nature. Forcing inclusivity creates dissension and resentment and inhibits men from having men time and women from having women time.

Maybe some of the world’s issues could better be solved by celebrating our biological differences instead of thinking we can erase them.

The relief valve of sharing time with and competing with our biological brothers or sisters is a good thing, and artificially forcing it to be different only adds to the stress of both sexes.

Rather than force us together, we deserve the right to have men only clubs and athletics, and women only clubs and athletics, and perhaps a third category of clubs and athletics that are co-ed.

The uniqueness, the beauty and the power of the differences that were created between the sexes is as old as time. I choose to celebrate and respect and admire those differences. As a woman I don’t feel that it interferes in any way with my ability to succeed in life. There are enough opportunities to excel without having to hurt others along the way and with honoring our differences as males and females.