The Split Second Decisions of Policing

Tracy opens the show giving his best Lanister impression and failed miserably. Chicago gangsters have been stealing guns from trains and crime is on a steady pace as usual in the city. The boys watch a video of an officer involved shooting and talking about the difficult position officers are in when forced to make a split second decision and the overall unfortunate circumstances of these incidents for everyone. An officer gets involved in a fight with two drunks, in an attempt to arrest them, and gets charged himself for assault. The guys then discuss when can one consider the use of lethal force.

The trio then watch another officer involved shooting where the suspect’s non compliance contributes to him getting shot. Then the guys take a trip back to Chicago to talk about a gang member, who didn’t learn his lesson from a 16 year stay in jail, and ended up shooting someone.

Richard Tracy, host of the new podcast Criminal Masterminds, is a new breed of talk radio and podcasting. Think of Tracy as a Super Hero, only this one does not come with a fancy cape or gadgets. He does not combat villains nor does he jump out of burning and crashing airplanes with out a parachute. What Tracy does and will combat is the anti police rhetoric which has been plaguing the nation along with the political correctness which has prevent people from having the true "honest and open dialogue" on the current issues regarding policing in the Great U.S. of A. He also may make you chuckle like a school kid in the process.