Every time a man or woman who has sworn the oath “To Protect and Serve” goes out on patrol they are in harm’s way and may be called upon to protect themselves, a citizen or another cop. The use of force is not an IF but a WHEN and when that moment comes as it inevitably will, the possibility for it to go horribly wrong is always present.

Split second choices have may have never ending consequences and there is absolutely no possible way to write a procedure or create a technique that will successfully manage physical violence. This is one reality of the streets and another is that every Law Enforcement Officer has not only a right to survive, they have a duty to survive. They owe that duty to themselves, those that love them and their communities and if that means that they must kill in order to preserve their life and their safety than that is the harsh reality that must be brought into the light of day instead of the “politically correct” sound bites that have resulted in the wake of the recent deaths at the hands of Law Enforcement. 

Split Second Choices... When Cops Kill 2