Special Report: Criminal Investigation at Highest Levels of Denver Police Department

About a year ago two people were arrested, one a Denver Police Officer on major felony charges. Unfortunately, they were innocent and the arrests were manipulated by the second in command of the Denver Police Department who circumvented the proper procedures. After publicly accusing this Police Officer and an innocent woman of sex crimes and jailing them, just one day later, the District Attorney dropped all of the charges and wrote a letter informing the Chief of Police Robert White of the misconduct of his number two in command, Matthew Murray.

Lt. Randy Sutton, Host of BLUE LIVES RADIO – THE VOICE OF AMERICAN LAW ENFORCEMENT interviews Bryan O’Neill, the Vice President of the Denver Police Protective Association who blows the lid off the scandal and injustice. Randy reveals his view on Law Enforcement Leadership and how it affects the lives of all who serve behind the badge.

For Further Insight:
Website: www.dppa.com