What is supposed to be the world’s strongest military force today is suffering from a flight of deficiencies that must be addressed now. When Obama was president, he allowed our military to fall into disrepair, with our personnel unable to carry out even the most routine checks and missions.

Today, military sources report that only 50% of their aircraft are air-worthy, while the rest are down for maintenance, waiting for spare parts we don’t have; only five of the Army’s 58 brigades are combat-ready; pilots are unable to fly the required number of hours to maintain their proficiency, due to a shortage of air-worthy planes; training hours are cut, and the training hours lost can never be recovered;

…and the military is the smallest it has been in 75 years.

In Afghanistan, under Obama, our soldiers went into battle without sufficient ammunition and were orderer to withhold fire until fired upon, a recipe for disaster. This was Obama’s army and it put America to shame. It also put America at high and unconscionable risk.

In the current environment of threats and sabre rattling from North Korea to Iran, our military must be at its best, not its weakest. Obama’s systematic destruction of our fighting force did so much damage to America’s defense capabilities that it may take years to repair the damage. In the mean time, the threats are growing rapidly.

Essential funding for the military must be authorized now. Dragging Congressional heels is inexcusable. Loss of training and depleted equipment are damaging America’s image around the world, and putting the nation in danger as threats from governments like North Korea and Iran, not to mention terrorist organizations such as ISIS and al Qaeda, continue to proliferate.

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President Trump has made the mission clear – to make America great again. And that means militarily as well as diplomatically. He has made a good start. Congress must support this mission to repair, replace, and rebuild our military as quickly as possible, so that we can meet our enemies with strength and stand up to the bullies of the world who want to destroy us.

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Image: (AP Photo / Hasan Jamali)