Sometimes people are just dickheads.

Am I allowed to say that? Is that too sweary for America Out Loud? I hope not. I think that’s quite mild. If you could plug directly into the chunks of my vocabulary spinning around in my mind right now, you might be shocked.

Yep – I think it’s safest if we stick to dickhead!

You know I can’t abide judgement at the best of times, but right now, in this moment, you can call me Judgy McJudgeface. I want to run to the top of the highest point on the planet, grab a giant megaphone and scream at the top of my lungs!

I want the wind to carry my message far and wide.

I want my words to reach the furthest corners of the most uninhabitable places, and be automatically be translated into every relevant language.


And… you guessed it… STOP. BEING. DICKHEADS!

So why is my temper running so short right now? What is it that’s making me want to shake the world into order?

Well, if Covid-19 wasn’t enough to make everyone pull their heads out of their asses and start approaching life in a different way, this week something else happened closer to home.

I lost a loved one to suicide.

The who and the how don’t matter at this moment. That’s not the point. What matters is that we take notice when things rock our world and start doing things differently.

Now, I’m not about to start waxing lyrical about the wonders of life, trying to convince people to hang on when they’re desperate to jump off… hell, I’ve done that plenty of times before and sometimes, for whatever reason, people wilfully choose to bail.

But what I do want to rattle into the very bones of people is the importance of getting some perspective.

Quit with your petty bullshit, people.

Stop waging your silly little wars and expending your energy on bringing down that person you see as a competitor, or tarring everyone with differing political views with that giant brush you’re wielding, or worrying about those pathetic, trifling little matters that, in the scheme of things, don’t count a jot.

And sure, it’s clichéd , but start being kinder!

If there are people you love, make sure they know that.

If there are people that inspire you, make sure they know that too, and why.

If there are people you know that are being treated unfairly, or being bullied, or outcast, be the person to stand up and make a difference, instead of turning a blind eye. 

Quick side note on this point – if two people genuinely dislike one another, that’s a personality clash; if one person actively dislikes another and does everything in their power to hurt or discredit them, that’s something entirely different, so don’t be the blind fool who brushes it under the carpet for the sake of not rocking the boat. What if it was YOUR son or daughter that was happening to? What if you saw good men doing nothing?

If you’ve been sitting on your backside, idling your life away and waiting for it to pass, OR waiting for something amazing to fall into your lap, get off your ass and DO something with the time you have.

If you’re drowning in the drama of skewed news coverage, politics and social media feeds, be aware of that addiction and do something more educational and useful.

If you’re constantly eating crap food, stop.

If you think you’re entitled to rant and rave about people whose lives you know nothing about beyond surface stories, get a life and remember that old phrase about walking a mile in a man’s moccasins.

I could go on, but I think I’d better stop there.

Just for today, I’m allowing myself to wallow in that judgement pool for just a short while, and I’m doing so for good reason.

You see, sometimes, we need someone to give us a good shake and, sometimes, that person has to be standing in judgement – or discernment, at least – in order to make that call.

Please, please, take a good, hard look at yourself – and if, on any level, you know you’re guilty of being a dickhead, quit doing that and start being a little bit kinder to yourself, and others.

Life is TOO SHORT to do anything else.

Until next time, 

#UnleashYourAwesome, Taz

Judgy McJudgeface