Sometimes, It’s Not About The View

I Love finding moments that Surprise me with simplicity. What’s Fantastic… is the collage of opportunities that make my world narrow its focus to appreciate them.
The Barista took the time to carve a heart into my cappuccino today, and I felt Fancy in my sweatpants.
That little boy opened the door for me to the gas station and gave me the Hugest Smile of pride.
I am Absolutely going for this note at the top of my lungs, while stuck in traffic with my Friend.
I never know when to expect the next time that I will mentally halt and just appreciate a few seconds. It’s almost like I release an inner sigh of relief when it happens. For a few moments, so much makes sense and nothing needs to.

Photo location The George Hotel – Limerick, Ireland
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©Copyright Joy M. Kleid “Sometimes, It’s Not About The View”