Though I am loathe to even mention her name, one thing I will give credit to Minnesota’s Democrat member of Congress Ilhan Omar for, is that she serves as a daily reminder that the enemies of America still exist, both foreign and domestic.

Her comments once made in reference to the September 11, 2001 attacks still resonate with me. “Some people did something” was basically a backhanded slap in the face of all Americans who were attacked by an evil ideology on a date that will forever be etched into the hearts and memories of all real Americans.

Nineteen years ago the lives of so many Americans were affected far beyond just the shock and anger caused by the terrorist attacks. Americans came to the realization that the vast oceans to our east and west no longer protected our country. We were vulnerable as never before.

And in the intervening years we have witnessed the continuation of an assault against everything that America stands for, and this time from within our own borders. As evidenced by the evil insurgency that is currently underway on the streets of America threatening our nation’s very survival.

A coordinated and well financed insurrection not even taking the day off to honor all those killed on September 11th, or in service to the nation in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that followed the 9-11 attacks, America is under attack unlike at any other time in our nation’s history.

While the Minnesota Democrat Omar’s previous comments about the September 11 attacks were certainly illuminating about her feelings towards this country, what is more concerning are the ongoing comments and actions of Barack Hussein Obama, the predecessor to President Trump.

Unlike all previous former presidents of the modern era who returned to private life and generally refrained from engaging in political attacks against their successor, Barack Obama has done just the opposite.

For Barack Obama the attacks against President Trump are simply part of his ongoing effort that has been underway since he was first elected in 2008. His mission has always been and continues to be to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”. President Trump became an unexpected impediment to Obama achieving his goal.

It certainly isn’t a stretch to believe that if not actively involved in the ongoing insurgency, at the very least Barack Obama is sympathetic towards it. He has openly encouraged people to take to the streets. As a community organizer it’s his way. In fact, it’s all he knows.

He never displayed any real leadership skills during his eight years in office. Barack Obama only knows how to mobilize his easily manipulated and radical followers, and choreograph and support violent protests and riots. He seems to be hell-bent on tearing down the good and decent fabric of American society and replacing it with anarchy.

But Barack Obama will not win. Fortunately, despite all of the attempts of Obama and the Socialist-Democrats to steal the November election through massive voter fraud using mail-in ballots⏤patriotic Americans are going to make a stand against their corruption and lies.

Barack Obama and his radical ideology will be roundly rejected. Americans simply do not want to live under the socialist-communist banner of Barack Obama and his party.

And while Ilhan Omar’s quote serves as a reminder of the hateful ideology that she defends, I prefer to remember and use the words of September 11th hero Todd Beamer as a call to action for American patriots to defeat the Obama-inspired insurrection taking place.

“Let’s roll”.

Image: AP