Dear Law Enforcement Community,

Some of you out there scare me. You took “The Oath” just like I did, but apparently The Oath means something far different to you than me. If it meant the same thing, you would not do the ignorant, disrespectful, and dangerous things I see you do. You put all of us who wear and have worn the badge at risk. We want to go home to our families just like you at the end of the day, but your ill-considered actions make that objective far more difficult. To be frank, some of the stupid things you do contribute to those like me being injured and killed. If you don’t see that, then you scare me.

The use of force ends when compliance begins. Only less than two percent of all of the tens of millions of citizen contacts we make every year result in any use of force. Serious injuries and officer-involved death cases are extremely rare. However, cop-hating political activists, Marxist groups like Black Lives Matter and fascist anarchists like Antifa, empowered by a reckless NEWS MEDIA use these rare incidents of deadly force to light the fuse on the powder keg designed to remove us⏤who are the protectors and enforcers of the Rule of Law from democratic society.

We are constantly fighting against the false narratives that police inordinately kill people of color, and work hard to instill the public’s faith in us; only to have you put your knee on a handcuffed, proned-out and restrained man’s neck who then dies in your custody.

Stop using force excessively.
Stop killing civilians unnecessarily.
You scare me.

It is like you have never heard a use of force lecture, never attended any training, or never watched Rodney King, Ferguson and so many other riots and civil insurrections on TV. Do you live in a cave? Do you sleep in class? Just where the hell have you been in the past twenty years? The use of force, de-escalation, officer safety tactics and professional engagement with our communities and citizens is not rocket science, but it does take maturity and common sense, which you apparently don’t have. You scare me.

Chiefs, Sheriffs, and command staff, some of you scare me.

It is painfully obvious that many of you “New Breed” administrators have little if any real street experience. You must have been good test takers, ass-kissers, golfers and/or “in the right crowd” people to have been promoted through the ranks to positions of command over good cops who take all of the risks trying to police communities under the difficult and sometimes impossible directions and orders you give us.

When I see you “take a knee” in front of Black Lives Matter militants, all you are doing in their eyes in submitting to their authority. Are you too ignorant, uneducated, stupid, or naïve to understand that what is happening right now to us has far more to do with a struggle between a Marxist, Leninist and Fascist ideology over democracy and the Rule of Law, than race relations? For God’s sake, read FBI intelligence reports, listen to well-respected experts, read a damn book! Educate yourselves. If you can’t figure that out then you scare me.

Some of you police chiefs, you really scare me.

They should have told you before you took the job that if you aren’t prepared to get fired on Day One, then never accept the job. We need you to be a cop first and a bureaucrat second. We never need you to be a say-nothing, do-nothing puppet who is so scared of losing your job, that you won’t support us when we are right, wronged, disrespected, or injured on the job protecting our communities. 

We need you to remember The Oath and what is means. We need you to be a strong voice for our safety, supporting us when we have done a good job, even when our arrests and uses of force are justified, but controversial. We do not need you to be advocates for radical, anti-police movements like Black Lives Matter or Antifa. 

We don’t need your empty, meaningless, politically correct rhetoric that only placates those who seek to disenfranchise, distance, defend and dissolve us from the landscape of our communities, but enables and empowers our adversaries who injure and kill us. Your weak leadership and submissive actions ultimately rob our communities and our families of our presence. You scare me.

Chiefs and sheriffs, when your municipal bosses are seeking to reduce funding or defunding training and equipment that keeps us and our communities safe, we need you to fight for us all. When you are quiet or capitulate in the face of controversy, you scare me. Of course the Marxist radicals, fascists and anarchists want to defund, disarm, and ultimately dissolve us. How else can they take over our communities and ultimately our democratic nation? When you give in to their demands, you abandon us. You scare me.

You are not like me. I took and firmly believe in The Oath to serve and protect. I am not a racist and have never tolerated racists, nor those who would seek to use force excessively. I am an officer for all, not just some people. I have sworn an oath to sacrifice my life in need be for my community. I am not a political animal, nor will I ever be intimidated from doing my job; from doing the right thing. You are far different from me and you scare me.

The Anonymous Police Officer