In Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet the ‘Bard of Avon’ wrote that “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, making the point that the names of things do not affect what they really are. In the Shakespeare classic Juliet told her lover Romeo that his family name mattered not to her, it was his heart and soul that defined him.

The same can be said about the Democrat Party in America in the year 2019. While they still may refer to themselves only as “Democrats”, the reality is much different. They clearly have adopted a strong Socialist ideology as the governing principle in their quest for power and control of the United States of America.

With apologies to William Shakespeare, what the Socialist Democrats are peddling smells much different than the sweet fragrance of a rose. What they have packaged in brightly colored paper and tied up with a pretty bow, and that they are using to campaign with to try to win over American voters downright stinks.

It smells of nothing less than a none-to-subtle movement towards a complete communist takeover of the United States of America. After all, Socialism is simply nothing more than Communism Light, and clearly the first step in the progression towards what could eventually be called the Soviet States of North America, brought to you by the Socialist Democrat Party.

After decades of indoctrination by the American education system, polling of young people in this country shows that a large percentage have a “favorable view” of Socialism. They don’t really understand it, but it just sounds cool.

Can one blame them, after all when politicians like Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and others are offering to forgive trillions of dollars of student’s irresponsible college loan debt – mind you student loan debt that many others have paid off through their own hard work and perseverance – it makes it very appealing and tempting for young people to give Socialism/Communism a second look.

The concept of everyone being treated equally, which is the lie of Socialism and Communism that is always told to the weak minded, clearly sounds pretty good. Everyone wants fairness. What is never told though by those peddling the ideology is that there is always a ruling elite in Socialist/Communist countries. A ruling elite that lives a far different life from that of the ruled.

In the former Soviet Union the ruling elite never stood in long lines hoping that there might still be a loaf of bread left on the shelves when it became their turn to enter through the front door of the store. The ruling elite never did without. They also never waited years for the opportunity to purchase a car. They never shared an apartment with multiple families. They had ready access to quality consumer goods brought in from the West, and goods that were kept from the masses.

Nor was their career chosen for them by unidentified bureaucrats who made mostly arbitrary decisions on a citizen’s life. Unless that is you had the means and the opportunity to bribe whatever official needed to be bribed in order to get them to rule in your favor. A common practice in Socialist/Communist countries.

The fact is that what is being sold to Americans by the Socialist Democrat candidates currently running for the party’s nomination to run against President Trump is nothing less than lies, prevarications, and canards.

By another name, lies.

And it stinks.