I’m not shocked that wealthy celebrities, including in Hollywood, gamed the system through bribery and chanced to find places for their offspring in institutions of higher education. That’s fraud plain and simple and the FBI, the one we know at the field level doing it’s business fighting crime, not exculpating big criminals who didn’t make the cut for President, are doing their job.

What did astound me was the depth of the corruption in education that made the thing work for so long. As in everything, “follow the money.” If you ever wondered from where the government draws its pool of candidates for Deep State employment, well, we now have a clue. They come from these corrupt, socialist brain washing Ivy League colleges and universities that the rich and famous are so keen to resort to bribery just to get their children into ‘em.

Government doesn’t seem shocked at the several indictments of luminary parents now headed to the dock for bribery and fraud. After all, didn’t Obama claim he was a foreign student so taxpayers would fund his education? Nothing was said or done then. Wasn’t it Sen. Elizabeth Warren who fraudulently claimed she was a blond Cherokee Indian, to get into Harvard and teach there as a professor in the Harvard Law School? Nobody said anything then either so, why are we surprised? Our government is corrupt and Donald Trump, a non-politician, has ripped open the facade of what really runs the “deep state.” It’s money, and lots of it.

We’re overrun by liars, cheats and fraudsters in our government, especially bureaucrats and politicians that fill the ranks of the Democrat and Republican party’s.

AOC, not two months a congresswoman, is headed for the dock as well, as her Commie Chief of Staff, transferred her campaign funds into two differ private accounts not associated with her campaign. That’s a crime. Will we see her indicted? Possibly, but don’t hold your breath because we’re still somnambulate about adjudicating the extensive list of Hillary Clinton’s major crimes.

Didn’t Russia give the Clinton Foundation half a million dollars for a one hour speech by Bill Clinton? Yes, after she authorized the sale of American uranium to the Ruskies. Didn’t she destroy subpoenaed e-mail evidence, an obstruction of justice crime, from her personal potty room e-mail server, in direct violation of National Defense Regulations?

Where’s the outrage, especially now, that Pelosi’s House is going after Trump’s presidency with full steam?

Didn’t FBI Director Comey, CIA Director Brennen and DNI Clapper lie to Congress, multiple times? Of course they did and where’s the outrage? Launch one word of complaint and the Progressive-Leftists Marxists will dump on the offender like a load of bricks to destroy them.

Now comes the testimony of fired DoJ lawyer Lisa Page who was shagging fired FBI Agent Strzok, revealing what the FBI actually thought about Hillary Clinton’s private email system.

Page testified the FBI discussed charging Clinton for gross negligence, but the DOJ (Loretta Lynch) said no! This was under Obama’s watch. But, let’s face it. “These are simple people, you know, like morons!”

As to charging Hillary with crimes, Comey was maybe for it because he didn’t trust Loretta Lynch after she met, not so secretly, with Bill Clinton on an Arizona airport tarmac. Lynch didn’t recuse herself but after that tarmac debacle she agreed to accept whatever recommendation the FBI made on whether to prosecute Hillary or not. Page and Lynch apparently already knew the FBI was not going to press charges. Oh my! There’s just too much corruption everywhere!  Image: AP File

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!