Without a shred of doubt anymore, a state of civil war exists between rule of law, constitutional loving, conservative Americans who cherish and expect fairness and due process in the conduct of its business, vs. the failed political theories of professional Marxist bureaucrats who are the Democrat party and constitute the Deep State, where rules and regulations are what they say they are. I see issues coming to a head. 

To the Democrats, the impeachment vote Wednesday appears to have been a victory for social justice. High-fiving one another for their success, they think they can now settle down to completing the systematic ruination of Donald Trump’s presidency. The problem is, this vote for impeachment has no true value.

It will never be seen historically as legitimate because it was so openly and publicly unfair and was a disgusting fraud, a sham Soviet style kangaroo court. The only thing lacking is a bullet delivered to the back of his head by their KGB. 

A year ago, on a baseball field in Washington DC, a demented Democrat brought the good vs. evil conflict into sharp focus with a rifle assault on Republican politicians at play, wounding several people including a policeman. The assaulter was killed but his attack was written off by the press as a deranged kook (they could have said a Democrat) who was energized by Trump’s wicked policies. His Marxist affiliation and motive for the attack, slowly disappeared below the horizon line until it was all but forgotten. It was the first shot and we have short memories. 

The Democrats impeachment charade against President Trump, following the two year long  Mueller “investigation” into a phony Russian collusion charge, was a futile attempt to explain away Hillary Clinton’s 2016 election loss. It has exposed the Democrats true goals for all to see. We know the desperate lows to which the Democrat party can descended in their implacable need, not only to regain political power, but force American along into the abyss of their social totalitarianism. Americans will not go there quietly. To be believed and accepted⏤political schemes to change things must be agreed to by both parties. That’s why, historically, this impeachment business won’t even rank up there beside Nixon and Bill Clinton, because it’s not! 

What could possibly be next? I believe the aging Pelosi knows Democrats cannot under any circumstances, allow Trump to be acquitted. She wants “impeachment” to be hung around his neck unless or until, the Senate should fall into Democrat hands next November.

Presently, Democrats demand the Senate conduct a trial suitable to their ability to cheat or Pelosi will not forward the House vote to the Senate.

An impasse so to speak, signaling no further need for negations. The Senate had better do what she wants or Trump’s impeachment decision will hang out there like a ripe pear ready to be picked.

When the talking stops, when negotiations based upon common sense rules are dismissed by one side, like Kim Jong Un does, then the threat of violence can’t help but escalate. Indeed, it has already started with the ballpark shooting. The first victim of the shooting war who was severely wounded on that baseball field, Rep. Steve Scalise, brought the Democrats to their feet screaming ‘foul’ when he accused them of “pushing forward on impeachment because they “hate” the nearly 63 million Americans that voted for President Trump. He continued, “You don’t impeach a president because you don’t like his foreign policy, but this isn’t just about Donald Trump. They don’t just hate Donald Trump, Madam Speaker. They hate the 63 million Americans who voted for this president, the forgotten men and women of this country who have been left behind.” 

That’s the take away here. Democrats hate it when they are not in control. 

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ’em!

Image: CNN Video