THE SMILE MAN Edward Rodriguez is on a quest to collect 10 Million Smiles. From donning a rabbit costume to walking from Florida to New York in 277 days, Edward will go to any length to reach his smile quota. Edward has learned that: “Life is filled with challenges and they will always continue but, when passion is ignited, all obstacles can be conquered.” He learned to see every problem as a gift, wrapped in valuable lessons and experiences to be shared. Edward’s events to share happiness are: “Happiness in the Park” where he set the unofficial world record for the most people smiling and waving simultaneously. The Miami Dolphins hosted the first Smile and Wave America Day at Sun Life Stadium, during a live NFL football game.

Edward is on a mission to help America smile again, and nothing will stop him.

May your days be filled with joy, Eddy.

“The Power of the Smile” opens doors to great opportunities and “The Power of laughter” releases stress and heals the heart!! Together they transform lives!!!

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