Slowing Down is the New Speeding Up

Are you tired of the rat race? Do you want to get off the treadmill, slow down and start really living and having time to smell the roses? Well, my guest this week says this is the change that’s beginning to happen now. We’re entering a new paradigm shift.

And for those who are ready for it, it’s going to be a welcome change – but for those who resist it – well, life will continue to be hard. This podcast is one to get you thinking about what you really want out of life and how you really want to be living it.

According to some experts in the field we’re moving out of masculine energy – that energy that says you’ve got to put your nose to the grindstone and work, work, work and make things happen – to the feminine energy that causes you to slow down and go with your gut instinct and to trust what your feelings  and intuition tell you. This allows room for the Universe, Source, your higher self or God to ‘speak’ to you with thoughts and inclinations that set you on the right path – the path you are meant to be on to start with. When this happens and we take time to listen and surrender to what we hear then that’s when the magic happens and things start to develop and manifest – things we couldn’t have even begun to imagine before. It’s like we’re in a partnership with the Universe, as we slow down, listen and surrender the Universe has space and permission to do its work.

“Slowing down is the new thing that’s coming into Vogue right now. Whether you like it or not.”
Jenna Smith

Jenna-turq-headshotJenna Smith is an Ontological Coach and Shamanic Intuitive.  Jenna has had great success working with clients in all areas of their lives including relationships, career, confidence, health, and life purpose. She guides her clients through the complicated areas of life and helps make them simple. As Jenna explains: “Most people shove everything into this place inside of them and they kinda lock it down and keep it there so that when they do access their feelings it’s an overwhelming experience because they’re accessing years and years and layers and layers it’s because that’s all they knew.”

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