Which Signs Make Good Lovers and Which Ones Don’t

Have you ever wondered why it seems like some relationships are made in Heaven and some are rocky from the start? And why some last a lifetime and others only last a few months? Could astrology and the signs of the Zodiac have something to do with it? On today’s show Jessica Zavala and I talk about the signs of the Zodiac and which signs make better lovers and which ones don’t.

As with so many things – nothing is set in stone and there are a lot of variables and other factors that also play a part in compatibility. So this is a show that is meant to inform but also one for fun. We’re not saying any couple should break up or that any particular type of relationship won’t work. It’s just that some relationships take more work than others. And ANY relationship CAN work. The main thing is that both people love each other and are willing to work on their relationship.

Jessica also talks about the different elements that are associated with each sign – earth, fire, air and water. These also influence relationships as well as people’s birth chart. It’s like talking about apples – yes, apples are apples but there are many different kinds and variations in flavors of ‘apples’. The same is true of each sign of the Zodiac. There are many different ‘flavors’ of each sign. This is one reason that no two people are alike.

Sit back, relax, and have fun with this show as it’s meant to be fun and entertaining as well as informative.

Jessica Zavala joins me for a most interesting conversation that will provide you with a roadmap or thought process – if you will on the signs to look for in your own life. I’m thrilled to announce that Jessica is going to be a regular on THE MISDIAGNOSED LIFE. She will join me the first Tuesday of every month as we discuss many different topics on spirituality and ways to bring value to your own life.

Jessica is an intuitive and life coach and also the author of “Luv Is” the first of a series of five books on love. She tells of her awakening and how she totally changed how she lived her life. She went from a being a strict Christian in an unloving environment to a very spiritual person with a strong connection to Spirit living every day with a positive attitude and a loving heart towards everyone. A big change that she wants to help others make and enjoy if they are ready and willing.

You can go from feeling like you’re living in a prison to total freedom and happiness if you are ready. This show will help you get there.

For Further Insight:
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