Shutdown Blame Game – The Blame Game has begun. In the end they couldn’t come together and get it done. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer insisted that DACA be part of the budget–a change of heart for the New York Senator from his previous position of a clean budget with no strings attached. America has been budget-less since 2007, so why the shutdown, why the drama? Many questions… Why is DACA the sticking point? What do most Americans really think of the shutdown? Who is being impacted by the Shutdown? Our expert panel will have all the answers.

Release The Memo Gains Steam – It is more than a hashtag on twitter friends – #ReleaseTheMemo may be a trending topic — but it is also a topic at water-coolers everywhere. Here are 3 possible scenarios 1/This document may halt the Mueller investigation completely. 2/Heads are going to roll in FBI – criminal charges brought. 3/What it reveals is the culpability of former Pres. Obama in all of this. Which scenario do you see playing out? The panel will give you their thoughts on the show today.

The President’s Health came under great scrutiny this past week with the examination and then the media examined the physician in an hour long tirade of questions – you just had to be there! We will also give you the latest on these accusations of Trump and the Porn Star.

The Panel: Ilana Freedman is a Veteran Intelligence Analyst, trained in Israel; her new book: Hamas, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood: The Plot to Destroy AmericaDennis Santiago expertise includes strategic warfare, asymmetric warfare, arms control and global stability. George McClellan professional career spans 43 years in Law Enforcement and the US Naval Investigative Service.

The comparisons of 1860 and 2018…and I’ll give you my predictions on the future of our two party system and why we are living in historical times! Ava Armstrong is a political commentator, radio personality, and author. She will join me with our commentary conclusion.


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