Criminal Masterminds, The Pilot 1


Criminal Masterminds is a podcast delivering you the view of the police, police families and supporters on today’s conflicts, debates and overall issues in policing. The hosts give their personal and honest views, not the fabricated views of the current biased media today. As the dishonest media heads and police hating loud mouths sit and play Monday morning quarterbacks after every major police involved shooting or police involved death, the guys behind on the mics on this podcast will do the same as well and will combat the anti-police rhetoric which had been spreading for the past few years.


What does possess one to decide to be a police officer in today’s world? The traditional answers of wanting to helping the community, serve the citizens of our local towns, no longer apply solely on their own. The question now becomes why would one want to put themselves thru the struggles of getting sued, labeled as a villain by society and the media, be the scapegoat to all of societal problems, viewed as a racist, sexist and so on. With all this, not to mention the possibility of getting hurt or even losing his or her own life. Policing has always been a fluid change in our society, but the childish dream of playing cops and robbers does not have the same glory to it, particularly after the echoes of a false narrative have forever changed the landscape. This podcast will address all those questions and more…