🎧 Smoke & Mirror Politics

What do you mean CAIR bullies the U.S. Military? Or that the political polls that show Joe Biden in the lead are just smoke and mirrors? Is the mining of two tankers filled with flammable chemicals just a “message” or is it an act of war? And what about those new flaming balloons that the […]

🎧 President Trump’s Victories

The theme of love and respect runs through many of our national holidays, including mothers and father’s day. Lt Joe connects the emotion with its effect on our lives. A round up of President Trump’s wins for the week are detailed with some commentary thrown in for good measure. This episode is a whirlwind of […]

🎧 Feeling The Bern, and not in a good way!

Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders is off and running for the 2020 Presidential election with his “Democratic Socialist” platform, but has anyone taken time to parse out his rhetoric to see where it’s really coming from and who initially developed his ideas – like Communist Joe Stalin? Learn all about Bernie’s plan for the U.S. […]

🎧 Inspiring Girls to Excel in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)

Every young girl and boy have been asked the question; ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ For boys, it was an athlete, astronaut, doctor, scientist, policeman, or a fire fighter. For girls, a teacher, veterinarian, singer, actress, dancer, or artist would have been a typical answer. The answer kids give to […]

🎧 Iran Provokes, Soros Mania & Superpower Status

Iran Provokes The West – The U.S. military released a video that shows Iran’s Revolutionary Guard removing an unexploded limpet mine from one of the targeted oil tankers in the Hormuz Straits. Two tankers, one Norwegian and one Japanese were damaged⏤oddly while Japanese PM Abe was meeting with the Iranian leadership. What is Iran’s ultimate […]


Everywhere we look and hear, there is news of corruption, immorality and greed in government. Not only in America, but it almost every country around the world! What has happened to cause this chaos and decline? Who’s at fault for allowing men and women to rule nations who cannot rule their conscious? Is our news […]

🎧 From the Immigration War to A Booming U.S. Economy

There isn’t just a “crisis” at the Southern border; there’s a war going on down there and Congress is complicit in causing it. 90% of all asylum seekers don’t show up for their hearings say DHS statistics; POTUS Trump’s trade and border negotiations with the Mexicans; Dems call Nixon’s former general counsel, Watergate architect and […]

🎧 Toughest Topics in Law Enforcement

Blue Lives Radio, The Voice Of American Law Enforcement introduces the Randy and Ray Show On America Out Loud. Law Enforcement Veterans Randy Sutton and Ray Dietrich tackle the toughest topics facing Law Enforcement in America.


This past week was the 75th anniversary of D-Day, the day when thousands of ordinary young men became the bravest of the brave. Yet today, we face a new and terrifying threat that is not coming from a foreign nation an ocean away, but from within the halls of our own Congress, in that government body […]

🎧 Honor, Dignity, and Truth in the Neighborhood

The return of the guys in the Neighborhood blasts out as they cover the new abortion laws and the reactions to them by the Left. Hillary, Joe Biden and other deep state characters get a good look by the guys as they look behind the curtain of secrecy. The value of our Military people and […]

🎧 Rob Jones: Survive, Recover, Live

Afghanistan is one of the world’s most heavily landmine contaminated countries, and the impact to the civilian population as well as our military soldiers is the leading cause of injuries and death. A report was issued from the United Nations in October 2018 calling on militants in Afghanistan to stop using improvised explosive devices, “The killing and […]

🎧 From Your Fork to Your Blood

What you eat will affect your red blood cells! If your red blood cells are healthy, you are healthy! If your red blood cells have lost their ability to use water and use oxygen due to poor nutrition and toxic burden, you cannot eliminate the waste. If your red blood cells cannot use water and […]

🎧 The Societal Hazards of POL-I-TAIN-MENT

Over the course of YOUR lifetime, how would you rate the current snapshot of where America is right at this very moment? Does the national mood impact you in your own personal life? Or do you completely disengage your mind from it? How does the current environment help any of us out in our lives? […]

🎧 Biblical Basis Life pt 2 – The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments form the biblical basis of how we should live our lives. This prescription has withstood thousands of years of time and is the cornerstone of the ethical fiber found in America and most countries around the globe. Terry Beatley and Ray Brookstein discuss the practical application of the ten commandments in our […]

🎧 Biblical Basis Life pt I – The Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments form the biblical basis of how we should live our lives. This prescription has withstood thousands of years of time and is the cornerstone of the ethical fiber found in America and most countries around the globe. Terry Beatley and Ray Brookstein discuss the practical application of the ten commandments in our […]

🎧 Workplace Violence & Intervention Strategies

Workplace violence is now the fourth leading cause of workplace deaths and in the corporate world⏤deaths are second only to transportation. OSHA statistics document that every year millions of American workers report having been victims of workplace violence. In 2017 alone, 18,400 injuries and 458 deaths were attributed to workplace violence. In this timely episode […]

🎧 Stop The Bleeding Coalition

National Organization works to save lives as they “Stop The Bleed” throughout the United States. Blue Lives Radio Host Randy Sutton talks to the Chairman of the “Stop The Bleeding Coalition”, Dr. Matthew Levy who is heading up a grassroots effort to train EVERYONE to save lives. And in his View From The Blue, Randy […]

🎧 Is There Assimilation Among Muslim Americans?

Political correctness has made it nearly impossible to speak openly about the Muslim Faith as well as elements of Sharia law. Many Americans believe the sharia law runs counter to our constitution. While claiming to be a peace loving religion, it appears that concrete evidence to the contrary exists.  Muslim emigration has been happening all […]

🎧 America God’s Gift to Humanity

Life in America is fast paced and hectic, we lead the world in almost everything for a good reason, we are driven to succeed. Lt Joe and his family went to the UK and Ireland and saw many stark differences in the way the people from America live and view the world in comparison to […]

🎧 The Saga of Paul Manafort, Trump and the Courts, and The Strange Story of Kim Jong Un

News of the Week includes the Saga of Paul Manafort, Donald Trump and the Courts, Mueller Just Won’t Go Away, and The Strange Story of Kim Jong Un and His Negotiating Team (or Fake News in North Korea). Ilana brings her unique perspective to some of the subjects others don’t want to touch.  

🎧 Homelessness and Policing in Nashville

Homelessness has become a growing problem for communities across America. Whether the root cause of the problem is mental illness or financial hardship, elected officials are tasked with finding solutions that protect the welfare of the community. Law enforcement officials often become the first point of contact with the homeless. Communities differ in the amount […]

🎧 Ria Pieters Turns Family Sadness Into Hope for Future Generations!

It should have been a happy time, fresh off her retirement, Ria had set off across the country to visit her sister in Johannesburg, South Africa. As they pulled into a friends townhouse, some men had rushed the vehicle in an attempt to carjack⏤in the process they shot and killed Ria’s sister.  “For some unexplained […]

🎧 Trade, Immigration & National Security: A Tradeoff of Our American Ideals

Top Stories: Trade and Immigration – This was the tweet that could rattle economic momentum in the U.S.; it could also solve the immigration border issue maybe: it could even impact the trade standoff with China perhaps! President Trump tweeted: “On June 10th, the United States will impose a 5% Tariff on all goods coming into […]

🎧 Psychopaths and Sociopaths

Ted Bundy and Edwin Kemper were famous serial killers and Charles Manson was a mass murderer; but were they psychopaths or sociopaths? What is a “psychopath” and what causes psychopathy? Are there “red flag” behaviors in children and adolescents that we might recognize that indicate future problems? What is the difference between a psychopath and […]

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