Back in 1919 one of the greatest teams in Major League Baseball history, the Chicago White Sox played in that year’s World Series. They were considered by all the sport’s experts as a lock to defeat the National League’s Cincinnati Reds and win the championship. Instead what happened was a major cheating scandal that rocked professional baseball; which resulted in major changes being made to protect the integrity of the game.

Among the White Sox players who were accused of throwing the World Series was ‘Shoeless’ Joe Jackson, one of the greatest players in the game at the time, and one who was destined for enshrinement with all the other great players of the game into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Instead, Shoeless Joe along with seven other players from the Chicago team would be kicked out of the game and banned for life, and the 1919 team thereafter would be called the ‘Black Sox’.

For all of his faults, one thing is for certain about President Donald J. Trump – he is not interested in taking a bribe.

Unlike Joe Biden, his expected opponent in November’s election. Biden, the former vice president under Barack Obama parlayed his position in the Obama Administration to enrich his son Hunter Biden with millions of dollars from China and Ukraine, and who knows from where else money may have come.

Joe Biden has been in politics for fifty years, another career politician who has achieved nothing in the real world, but who has only lived off the public teat for decades. Decades in Washington not really doing a damn thing for the American people to earn the millions he is now reportedly worth.

Biden’s reputation, and his performance on the campaign trail so far has not inspired much confidence in his ability to effectively run the country.

Former Secretary of Defense Bob Gates is quoted as once saying that “Joe Biden has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades”. Hence Biden’s new moniker “Clueless Joe”.

And Biden’s election in November would be nothing more than an opportunity for him to continue fumbling and bumbling around, much like the cartoon character Mr. Magoo. And also allow him to continue the political status quo in Washington, D.C. that is so threatened by Donald Trump.  

I don’t think there is any doubt that the United States of America is on the precipice, a tipping-point in our country’s history. Not since the Civil War has the United States faced such a threat to our very survival as a sovereign nation.  Radicals on our streets and radicals in our government pose an existential threat to the greatest republic in the history of mankind.

What is disheartening is that far too many self-proclaimed “conservatives” have publicly declared that they will be supporting and voting for the Democrat nominee for president this November. Their dislike of President Trump has clearly distorted their view of what’s important for the country.

If President Trump is not re-elected, the appointment of conservative judges will abruptly end. Ultra-progressives in the Democrat Party – not Joe Biden – will also nominate at least two, if not more, Supreme Court Justices, threatening the Second Amendment along with many other important conservative causes.

DACA citizenship, amnesty for all illegal aliens with a fast-track path to citizenship, and ‘open borders’ will most certainly become a lynchpin of a Biden Administration. And the investigations into the corruption of the Democrat Party and the crimes committed by Barack Obama will never be revealed, much less prosecuted and people held accountable.

So is it more important for the ‘Never Trumpers’ to throw a hissy fit because Donald Trump has cut them out of their previous influential positions in Washington, than it is to protect America from the Democrat’s progressive (Marxist) agenda? 

Instead of President Trump’s “America First” policy, are they willing to allow Joe Biden to use strong arm tactics again on other nations only to enrich his own family and friends?

Just as Shoeless Joe was banned from baseball for life, it’s also long past time to ban Clueless Joe from politics by all Republicans joining together and defeating him in November. And if takes a few ‘NeverTrumpers’ to hold their nose and vote for the president then so be it.

There’s an argument to be made that despite the 1919 Chicago White Sox scandal Shoeless Joe Jackson deserves to be in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Maybe, maybe not. But there’s no doubt that Clueless Joe Biden only belongs in a Hall of Shame.