The Shocking Truth on Toxins and The Impact It Has

Babies are being born now with as many as 300 industrial chemicals in their bodies. Women are exposed to over 160 chemicals a day just through personal care products, with men it’s about half of that – states the Environmental Working Group.

When is enough, enough?

How many more toxins are going to be dumped and/or created in our environment before something significant is done to stop this madness? The EWG also tested ten different people in 2004, and found 287 chemicals in those ten people – with an average of 200 chemicals in each person. What was so shocking is that they found 212 industrial chemicals and pesticides that had been banned more than 30 years ago. Today on the show, we’ll talk about the toxins that are invading our everyday lives with Olive Kaiser.

“Our future children’s bodies are sitting on our dinner plates today.”  Olive Kaiser

Olive Kaiser is a mother of 7, a health enthusiasts and avid researcher in health and nutrition. She talks about toxins and how they are destroying our health and our lives.

Society is getting sicker and sicker and the toxins in our environment are damaging our digestive systems (thus, our immune system is around 70% of our immune system is in our gut). These toxins are also a big reason our detox pathways are shutting down and this is preventing our bodies from being able to get rid of these toxins as effectively as they should and we’re going into toxic overload.

Our health has deteriorated so much here in America that for many people eating right and exercising is not enough anymore. This is why it’s so important to go to a qualified holistic healthcare practitioner – one who believes in restoring the bodies’ health back to how it is supposed to be naturally. There are things that have to be addressed and fixed and working properly before diet and exercise have a chance to work nowadays.

Wake up America we’ve got to start taking our health seriously and doing all we can to get and stay healthy because we as a nation are in trouble!

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