Among the greatest strengths Americans possess is their long held belief in “fair play,” except for Democrats of course. Pelosi’s apocryphal Democrat run secret inquisition chamber to impeach Trump, is a scary farce no matter how they spin it and will end up in the history books, not as an epic event for how Democracy saved itself, as Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday would have us believe, but as a tawdry self-destructive exercise in altering an election result.

Chris Wallace wants so badly to be part of the story that he tells us that he had “goosebumps” when the roll count was taken.

At least he didn’t have a shiver run up his leg, a la Chris Matthews. It doesn’t matter. The results of that partisan roll count was a foregone conclusion and getting goosebumps over it is like watching the ending of a Disney movie for the tenth time. 

Didn’t you get a thrill when you read that House Intel Committee Chairman, Adam Schiff and his staff, met with and coached their star ‘surprise witness.’ Tactics like that, unless you’er a Democrat, doesn’t engender faith in the process or an abiding trust in their attempt to destroy President Trump, does it? But, who can trust a ‘whistleblower’ for the Democrats any more? Despite Schiff’s duplicity, lies and selected leaking’s, so apparent to those of us who are not escapees from the institution, we wonder don’t they have any shame at all? Clearly not!

The whistleblower is known. He’s a CIA underling, a “NeverTrumper” once assigned to the White House and fired for leaking WH information. He colluded with Schiff for brains to organize yet another futile attack against the president to cancel the 2016 election results, evidence enough the inmates are running the institution.

The Democrats have nothing left in their quiver except to manufacture more crimes so they can waste more taxpayer money on frivolous inquiries into rumors, hints of rumors and the squeezing of Trump executives.

I might mention the big fiction here is what the Democrats want to tell us they think is the “Truth.” 

Watching Adam Schiff in action, with his charade of a hearing, it’s apparent “Fair Play” has been thrown out the door. Americans see this and the Democrats will pay. Gag rules on Republicans do not engender trust. Republicans on the committee are not free to speak about what they hear coming from the kangaroo court proceedings making it easy for Schiff to leak whatever he wants, forbidding Republicans to challenge Schiff’s nonsense with their own take on witness testimony. These unfair tactics, denying any other expression of what was really said, are the only way Democrats can pretend their labors are meaningful and necessary.  

Trump’s Ukraine phone call transcript stands as evidence of how phony this business is. It’s contrived because Adam Schiff and his staff met with the whistleblower and helped craft the ‘whistleblowers’ document, as a concerned employee, the starting point of the entire charade. 

In trial courts, truth is the best evidence. Truth that is factual and can be corroborated. The whistleblower complaint stands in the same category as the now totally discredited Fusion “Steel Dossier,” a fabricated short story of Democrat delusions. That’s why Adam Schiff is protective of his whistleblower as a witness because it can not be allowed for the real truth to be officially revealed if the Republicans get access to him. That would be scary!

Schiff is the anchor that will sink the Democrat ship. Pelosi saw that when she dropped the hapless Jerry Nadler from pursuing his impeachment effort. The next few months will be worthy of “shivers and goosebumps.” Pelosi is now having second thoughts. No bipartisanship at all.

Remember, freedom is the goal, the Constitution is the way. Now, go get ‘em!