Sheila McDevitt's Biggest Success Is Her Success 1

Sheila McDevitt says her biggest success is her success. She credits a strong set of core values along with a vision for growth and leadership – as her fundamental pillars of success.

McDevitt shares her journey through Corporate America with us, and opens up on the skills required in a fast-paced technology-driven environment. The book everyone must read is John Adams, by David McCullough.

Sheila McDevitt

Sheila McDevitt is a business strategist and advisor with extensive experience in all aspects of business and direct experience in the electric and gas utilities, maritime, mining, engineering, construction and insurance sectors. She is recognized authority on business ethics and compliance with a proven track record of creating long-term sustainable solutions for business issues from mergers and acquisitions and other commercial transactions to litigation, governance and political matters. Ms McDevitt has been a trial lawyer in Central Florida and began her career working with the Florida and Georgia state legislatures. Ms McDevitt has handled governmental affairs matters for private clients and as part of her responsibilities at TECO Energy and has been a lobbyist at the state and federal levels. She is a proven leader with a reputation for striving for excellence. We’ll ask McDevitt what her cardinal rule is to becoming a standout leader? Here is a great article on leadership and the cardinal rules to becoming a standout!

8 Cardinal Rules To Become A Standout Entrepreneur, by Neerav Mehta

Rule #1 – Enjoy yourself and never lose interest in what you do
Rule #2 – Be humble and willing to listen to what others have to say
Rule #3 – Love clients and employees as you would love yourself
Rule #4 – Take the right risks at the right time
Rule #5 – Never let failure cloud your thinking
Rule #6 – Be visible and constantly showcase your potential as an expert in your domain
Rule #7 – Never under-estimate competition
Rule #8 – Become an expert organizer

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