It’s another liberal progressive move for the city of New York who’s NYPD have been accepting of culture diversified groups to patrol their own specific areas within the city. These groups have their own patrol cars and uniforms.

The recent witnessing of these Sharia patrol vehicles on New York City streets has many American citizens raising questions of concern and very much afraid the motives behind them are not what they say they are.

America, a nation whose trust was ambushed after the 911 attacks even has the Statue of Liberty cringing these days with the ramifications of national insecurity issues, yes we are a diversified country and respecting of many cultures. We as Americans, pledge allegiance to one Flag under God and that God is NOT ALLAH, and for you Politicians who need a history lesson, we are a REPUBLIC not a Democracy, so get that straight.

The canvas of America changed this day as many a paint brush dipped into the broad spectrum of colors, creating a more abstract portrait of a people, a nation and a belief system.

George W Bush was the 43rd President from 2001 to 2009, and it was he who set up the alphabet soup group of (DHS) The Department of Homeland Security, without going through Congress.

DHS was set up with the narrative to protect us from foreign invaders, yet the very laws and organizations created to protect us, were the very symbol of the trojan horse we see today, as during the Obama administration, it was filled with Muslims and the absence and negligence of border security, with questionable people serving within this department with obtuse agendas not serving the everyday American.

So it’s understandable that most Americans are less trusting, having the rug pulled out from under them.

Then you had #44 Administration, eight years of hell, a free for all and lawlessness, illegals entering into our country through porous borders aka poor-ass borders and never once calling the enemy out by name except attacking legal Americans via various enforcements and conglomeration of alphabet soup groups and deep state back door agendas.

Throw in the added weaponization of fusion centers to monitor good law abiding, church going, tax paying Americans, while you allow illegal predators and illicit gang members to enter our country by the droves, taking up residence within various pockets of our country, and don’t forget to add the disgraceful acts of rogue Mayors and Governors that aided and abetted foreign enemies by allowing Sanctuary cities among the Muslim population to reside and grow and live by their own set of laws.

Signed, sealed and delivered by these nefarious domestic terrorists giving more power to those who detest the American ways of life, who come here waving their own flags, speaking only their languages and feeding off the backs of hard working tax payers, yes there is a fear among Americans that the UN-AMERICANS will assimilate over the next generation and indoctrinate our children into a foreign and radical belief system.

Many New York City citizens question the motives saying “there is already the NYPD and fear of future radical vigilantism crosses the minds of many…It doesn’t matter what color, creed or religion you are, just as long as there is semblance of the rule of law, but the concern is that the Muslim law of Sharia will slowly creep itself into existence, replacing the rule of law and voiding the American Constitution.

Remember… Sharia has its own laws and they are not congruent to what we as American live by.

Muslims in NYC are conducting police-like “community patrols” in Brooklyn while driving cars that look almost identical to NYPD vehicles.

As of December 2018, a new trend started emerging and New Yorkers witnessed cars resembling NYPD cruisers, and men dressed in blue, yet this was not the cities police force but a group of community organizers of an Arab descent.

The say they know their place and that they are not cops, they simply patrol their community that also serves as the eyes and ears for the NYPD.

They work in shifts keeping watch over their Islamic schools in Brooklyn and conducting patrols from 5pm to 11pm, near subway stops and mosques in Bay Ridge and Sunset Park, it is here where large Muslim populations reside, which once was home a half century ago to predominantly Italian and Jewish neighborhoods.

Deeply disturbing are the comments from NYPD Officer, John Cardillo, who states “The Muslim Community Patrol” in Brooklyn is now driving around in vehicles that look identical to cars owned by the New York Police Department and they “patrol” neighborhoods in Brooklyn, what is their goal? On Twitter, Cardillo said that this certainly “looks a lot like Sharia Police”.

We don’t need segregated groups of people taking matters into their own hands, this is where we get into trouble as it becomes a power struggle and communities with no control or rule of law, an example of the Democratic cities that become crime infested and street lined morgues from violence by gangs, drugs, and other crimes.

Leaders claim their Muslim group is self funded and used donations to purchase the vehicles and navy blue uniforms for it’s members involved with the Sunset Parks Muslim Community Center but there is no justification for these privately funded organizations, we have witness the encroachment of these groups in Europe which serves us as a constant reminder of what we don’t want to experience here at home.

Talk about confusion and another layer of the never ending indoctrination process of our young to witness and over time, believe it to be apart of the new normal, well it’s not.

They claim they are “patrolling” their communities, insuring added measures of safety to their people, joining the Jewish enclaves Shomrim and the Brooklyn Asian Safety Patrol among New York’s culture specific security groups, but what about the NYPD, aren’t they the designated legal protectors of New York City?

The white Ford Taurus adorns the strong resemblance and markings of the NYPD patrol cars with the blue horizontal stripes down the sides, a shield on the front drivers side of the door and the words “Muslim Community Patrol” descending on the rear door where a department vehicle would state “Courtesy, Professionalism, Respect.”

As for their Uniforms, these Muslim Patrol Officers even have official shirts with a pseudo badge on the breast.

New York Citizens are questioning the motives behind these acts because America has witnessed the usurping and violations of radical groups taking over the legal rights of Europeans and are keeping a watchful eye to insure it does not happen here in the U.S. but with radical Mayors and Governors within various pockets of America allowing illegal sanctuary cities to grow and foster, so too do their Sharia laws.

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