There is very little in the press on accomplishments from the Trump Economy. How is the Trump Economy working for you? How will the GOOD GUYS handle the fallout from the crazed media exposure of sexual allegations? Do millennials still believe in the American Dream? What is their perception of Washington – politics as usual?

The Trump Economy – Now that it’s been one year since the election, what is the verdict of President Trump’s accomplishments? Not only has the stock market risen to new highs & unemployment reached its lowest point in past 16 years, the economy has achieved 3% GDP growth or greater the past two quarters — and is on its way to go higher — especially when TAX REFORM gets passed by congress. In spite of road block after road block from congress, the media…..and speaking of the media — WHY HAVEN’T THEY TALKED ABOUT THE TRUMP IMPACT? DrStem MahlatiniDrFay WilsonDee Velez

Sex Abuse: What About The Good Guys? – We are witnessing an avalanche of abuse cases, some proven, some allegations – but all over-hyped in the media. It has quickly become the SPIN CYCLE OF PEYTON PLACE SOAP OPERA CITY FOR MEDIA TALKING HEADS. It is difficult to cut through the weeds. There is a bigger story here – and how will this impact society as a whole – meaning the large percentage of good guys? What precautions will they have to take in this new world order? Dylan WheelerCharlena Jackson

Millennials & The American Dream – A new Forbes survey of some the most influential Millennials in America finds that 80 percent of U.S. entrepreneurs under the age of 30 still believe in the American dream…of course it depends how you define the American Dream! What about the NFL kneeling controversy? Will patriotism become a thing of the past? The political environment with Washington Do-Nothing Politics is all on the front burner is this discussion with Millennials. Panel Discussion Continues


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