Viewpoint This Sunday – A big powerful program on what is behind these mass shootings and the steps we can and should take to change the trajectory of a society that is losing control. Antifa strikes again – this time at Tucker Carlson’s home. What about a RICO Investigation on the domestic terror front and a Task Force on these Mass Shootings. BIG SHOW TODAY and every Sunday 10 AM EST with an Encore Presentation at 6 PM on America Out Loud Talk Radio. Listen on-demand after 1 PM on Sunday on Podcast Networks Worldwide. Subscribe to Viewpoint on Apple Podcasts by clicking here.

Sessions Out, Election Disputes, Dems Speaker

Ilana Freedman and George McClellan provide the analysis and in-depth discussion on the top stories on this election coverage that you need to know.

  • AG Jeff Sessions Resigns / Fired, a Constitutional Crisis?
  • Sen. Marco Rubio says that Democratic “lawyers” are trying to “steal” the U.S. Senate race from Rick Scott in order to give it to Bill Nelson.
  • Mueller’s team has begun writing its final report, Are sources correct?
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg injured after fracturing 3 ribs in fall
  • SPEAKER – “Opposition to Pelosi hardens”: “61 Democratic incumbents and 11 newly members-elect told POLITICO that they will vote against Nancy Pelosi for speaker on the House floor, exposing a serious problem for the California Democrat in her bid to reclaim the gavel.

Mass Shootings: Mental Illness and Gun-Free Zones

Another mass shooting that took place in a “gun free zone”, this time in California. If it hadn’t been a gun-free zone, there were several off-duty lawmen inside who could have taken the shooter down possibly much sooner. Do these gun free zones just invite violent criminals? It seems Mass shootings are often done by a person with PTSD or who has mental illness issues. How can we restore law and order without addressing how we handle those who are unable to live a normal life — i.e. mentally ill who are too challenged to live on their own? Lt Joseph Pangaro and Dennis Santiago take a look at the system and what it will take to change the outcomes!

Domestic Terrorism: Task Force and RICO Investigation

First we should identify who this domestic terror group is – The Antifa movement is a conglomeration of left wing autonomous, self-styled anti-fascist militant groups in the United States – that are creating havoc and terror on innocent people everywhere. So this week, they decide to show up on the front lawn of media commentator and news guy Tucker Carlson. The front lawn of his personal home that is, and they post his home address on social media. As they try and push the front door in, vandalize the home, screaming obscenities and warnings out – his wife hunkered down inside the home afraid for her life. If Tucker’s wife had a loaded shotgun pointed toward that door, what would’ve happened legally? The media makes these guys out to be heroes, all in the name of freedom. A powerful segment with Lt Joseph Pangaro and The Neighborhood guys from the hit show CHASING JUSTICE: Jack Patterson, Jim Giordino, and Bill Dallas. Ava Armstrong stops by to pay the neighborhood a visit.

NOV 11th 10 AM EST

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