Sessions Fires It Up & North Korea – “Yes, it will be investigated,” AG Jeff Sessions surprised the establishment with the news that the Justice Department will investigate potential abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA). Inspector General Horowitz issued a criminal referral of the previous number two man at the FBI, Andrew McCabe. North Korea shocks the world with the announcement that they are halting nuclear and missile tests. Welcome news for the world community; but experts question the timing in that Kim Jong-un releases this before the summit. Ilana Freedman, Ava Armstrong and Jim McCay take on the hottest topics.

Special Presentation: ‘In the Mind of a Terrorist’ – A strategic straightforward conversation on the war on terror. What kind of progress are we making on the War on Terror? What does the future look like? What measures can we take to protect soft targets? A SPECIAL VIEWPOINT PRESENTATION with Dr James Mitchell. Mitchell was involved in the development of the CIA’s enhanced interrogation program, and interrogated fourteen of the most senior so-called high-value detainees in U.S. custody. 

Syrian Mischief & Israeli Clashes – United Nations Inspectors have arrived at the scene of the chemical attacks after two weeks from the initial attack. Speculation is that Russia and Syrian forces have been sanitizing the site. What evidence remains is questionable and what more can be done to prevent such attacks in the future will be the challenge moving forward. The Israeli border is the battleground once again as Gaza’s ruling Hamas ratchets tensions up. Israel says that Hamas is using protests and young people as cover for these vicious attacks, and they will continue to defend their border. Jim McCay and Ilana Freedman provide their analysis. 


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