The Top Stories – US and China agree to further talks on trade next month, progress or more stall tactics? China opts for low-key coverage of Hong Kong extradition bill withdrawal – yet the protests continue…? Vladimir Putin says Russia will produce new missiles after demise of nuclear pact – a new arms race – as the US and Russia grow further apart! Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, Wegmans ask customers NOT to openly carry guns into their stores. How will retailers reaction to the gun debate impact consumers? The Obama’s are set to produce a Netflix series about the Trump Administration? A New Mexico Restaurant has a highly charged menu with items like tacos called, “Bad Hombre” “The Immigrant” and “Fake News”, clever marketing yes, but is the food good? Dennis Santiago is a Commentator focusing on strategic warfare, asymmetric warfare, arms control and global stability. Ava Armstrong is a political commentator, radio personality, and an outstanding author, find her books here on the America Out Loud Bookstore.

Selling Climate Change – Hurricane Dorian media coverage, too little too much, obsessive, politicized, looking for sensational event – what gives? Using Children to promote climate change – Today’s crusade is built on fear and brainwashing children, sending them to the front with protest signs. Climate change is big business opportunity for political and media hacks. You have certainly heard the phrase, Global Warming – but have you heard the term Global Cooling? Climate change is front and center as the general election takes shape. We will discuss all the factors and what is essentially behind all the chatter. Dr. Jay Lehr is Senior Policy Analyst with the International Climate Science Coalition and former Science Director of The Heartland Institute. Dr. Joel Glass is an engineer working in the field of infrastructure for ultra-cold climate environments. His new book, ICE AGE … 2025: How to Prepare America and your Family

Top 10 Democrat Candidates Spotlighted in a CNN Climate Town Hall – This past Wednesday night CNN programmed seven hours for the top 10 Democrat candidates stating their views on climate change and fielding questions from the audience and promoting themselves as the candidate with all the answers. Cory Booker who is so outspoken on the subject didn’t arrive till last 30 minutes of the seven hour program. Somehow Elizabeth Warren managed almost 4 hours of stage time. Let’s look at some of the comments and questions that kept some people awake for seven hours. Jim McCay is a Political Analyst, Commentator and Radio Producer with a 30 year background in global technology and telecommunications. Arnetta Notkin had a career of 30 years working on Wall Street – she is a Producer and Commentator.

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