There’s a major shift headed our way according to some experts in the field of science and at higher levels of government than most people are unaware of. The implications of this shift on our daily lives will be monumental. Our traditional way of life and viewpoint are being threatened as more people wake up to the science of energy. But once you open that door and truly understand how life really works and how badly we’ve been lied too then there’s no going back.

Is there more to life than what we’ve been told? And is this what more and more people are discovering that is causing a ‘Spiritual Awakening?’ And will this spiritual awakening cause our traditional foundations to crumble?

Jessica Zavala is an intuitive and life coach and also the author of “Luv Is” the first of a series of five books on love. She talks about her life as an intuitive and where we’re headed as a society as people ‘wake up.’

“Whether something is crazy or not depends, a lot of times, on how much you know.” Beverly Butler

We discuss what is really happening when an intuitive ‘reads’ a person’s energy field and how it’s based on the science of energy, and how this is not evil as some, especially in the religious world, claim it is. We also talk about tarot card readings and what is happening when a person is using them and whether or not they are evil and from the devil.

The Awakening is happening and once you learn that we are all connected together by this energy field then you can begin to understand how life really works.

So is there a logic to all of this ‘woo woo’ stuff that people say is real? This is just the tip of the iceberg. The general public has NO idea what is about to happen and how our world is changing around us. Tune in to hear what this awakening is all about and then make up your own mind.

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